20 Passive Income Ideas to Get RICH

Looking for making passive income? 20 Passive Income Ideas to get rich in your real life. Many people want to get rich in small time but, they don’t know how to get rich by learning passive income stream.

This video introduce, top 20 Passive income ideas that helps you get ideas about how to get rich with passive income.

1. Sell digital products on Etsy.
2. Write a book
3. Start Affiliate Marketing & Ads
4. Sell your Own Product.
5. Build An Ecommerce Store & Drop Ship
6. Create, Manufacture & Sell Your Own Product, Gadget, Whatever
7. Buy Bulk From Overseas & Sell It Down Via Ebay
8. Setup Your Own YouTube Channel & Take The Adsense Share
9. Write For Money, I Mean Adsense
10. Get A Rental Property
11. Create an Online Course
12. Become A Digital Publisher
13. Develop a smartphone app.
14. Purchase dividend stocks.
15. Resell Online Products & Services
16. Earn real estate rental income.
17. Sell professional photos online.
18. Generate royalties from jingles or audio tracks.
19. Build a sales funnel.
20. Become an affiliate marketer.

If you’ve any questions on these 20 passive income ideas then, feel free to ask your questions in comment box.

Thanks for watching 20 Passive income ideas to get rich in real life.


sakrificetheory says:

How do I become am affiliate marketer?

Atul Kadam says:


Aahat Khanna says:

I am a teacher..how can I create my passive income source

TheFlash319 says:

Damn i thought this is fake but good ways to earn passive income

rithin joseph says:

How to become an affiliate marketer?

Muhd Aqil says:

Can this ideas use in malaysia?

Janis Sefers says:

great passive icome here

Ali Abakan says:

You forgot to trading in FX and Stock Exchange Markets, also being a webcam performer 😛

Biswajit Sutradhar says:

Very encouraging video ..thanks a lot.

mohammed idrish says:

how to sell on e bay

Puneet Ghai says:

This is not the True Definition of Passive Income. The Ideas you told are good but are for part time or side income AND not Passive Income.

You don’t need to work for Passive income. Example: Rental Income. Managing an E-Commerce Portal and Selling products on it is not Passive Income.

Seppo says:

If you are going to start a youtube channel, remember that dont partner with a youtube partner cause they gonna take a part of your income

Akshay Puri says:

From where we can get the knowldege of these

Smileyfan says:

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Ohara Murtagh says:

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Trendy Stash says:

More like 16 passive income ideas

The Lighthouse says:

Which aap do u use for editing?!

lamfilipos says:

Many thanks, I’ve been looking for “top passive income sources” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Meyackarny Penny Blaster – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my colleague got cool success with it.

Arunnair says:

How to create an mobile app?

rac alam says:

i am pleased of your ideas. thx

Lakshmi Vunna says:

How to sell products online.plz give me any idea.

Ravi Chandran says:

What is affiliate marketing?

Digital Friend says:

Sorry to say Some ideas i can’t understand.Because not explain this.Just only name of idea.

buvana babu says:

very useful idea

Keats Billiot says:

You may lookup “fetching mowo press” on google, if you do, it is possible to begin your online business. There are so many ideas out there that claim you can earn tons of money, but they weren’t effective such as this one. All you need to do to start making 15,000 is to google “fetching mowo press”. What exactly are you waiting for?

Lilian Ortega says:

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Sir, ham ak financial advisor bi to bonsakte ha na.

Crazed Cubing says:

Seriously though…

What’s with the Hay Day music?

Stive Cooper says:

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Elier Munoz Galvan says:

more about 10-15 only 5 or so are actually do able

Chethan Reddy says:

Wi is this bull shit video in you tube

Yallappa Ds says:

I write a book but how I can earn money from this

mohd tanish says:

I love ur videos simple nd sweet.

micheal kelvin says:

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Rocy Gupta says:

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