35 EASY + FAST Ways to Make Money! How To Make Money FAST as a Teenager, Kid & Adult!

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Hey loves! Today I show you 35 EASY and FAST ways to make money! You’ll learn how to make money, how to make money on YouTube, how to make money as a teenager, and how to make money online fast! Here are my top apps that make you money and apps that pay you. These are great ways to make money as a teen or kid or adult! Hope you found this video helpful and if you wanna see even MORE ways to make money fast, let me know! 🙂

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● (Earn money for watching tv + listening to music)Viggle➜ http://ow.ly/PQIGf

● (Earn money by walking around) Panel➜ http://bit.ly/1pue7Pm

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● (Earn money by selling your photos) Scoopshot➜ https://www.scoopshot.com

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IZEA➜ https://izea.com/stephanie-n-g5n5lw
● Influenster
● Moneymaker
● AppTrailers
● Claim It
● Quick Thoughts
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● Uber➜ https://www.uber.com
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● Lyft➜ https://www.lyft.com
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FTC: Sponsored by Credit Sesame, however, all opinions are honest and true and they are mine.

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She looks like Selena Gomez & Sophia Grace mixed together.

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Trelise Bradsher says:

half of us subscribed the other half is broke

Johanna Odair says:

She doesn’t say 35 ways. She says like sell things and that’s ONE way but she names other sites so she says it’s like 6

other pewdiepie says:

where is charlie puth?

Osman Chris says:

You are very beautiful than your ideas <3

Life Lessons From Books, Movies, Celebrities says:

Awesome tips

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Everyone saying she looks like Selena Gomez and an older Sophia Grace and I’m just like, GlitterForever anyone?

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I thought she was Selena Gomez OMG

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The Mustacios says:

I come to the comments to see if these tips work from people that have done them and all I see is

She looks like Selena Gomez and OMG she looks like Sofia Grace like we get it ppl

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she looks like Sophia Grace in the furture

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Selena gomez

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