4 ways to make money on the internet

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Ariah Sosa says:

Follow me on Instagram, Ill follow back!@ariahsosa

Chloe Riley says:

how do you get imonatized or whatever you said

EquestrianEverything says:

I seriously love your account so much! I mean, I subscribe to Bethany Mota and all these people with like millions of followers, but yours is by far my favorite. So many good tips on just normal teen stuff, I love it! 🙂

bryanna horrell says:

Make a blog <3

Emma Krecker says:


Melissa Linares says:

Opinion post actually sucks. I’ve tried doing a few and I just give up because it’s such a long process . So frustrating

Jerome Hall says:

so you’re beautiful! i know you probably get that a lot but i met you at clearwater and you are beautiful.

Emma Krecker says:

I LOVE  your lipstick where did u get it and what shade u should make a makeup toutoriol with that

Erin Shea says:

When you say that you can make money off YouTube, how does that work exactly? Like do you only make money once you hit a certain amount of views or subscribers or ?

Jaden Thomas says:

Your so pretty!

Olivia Patton says:

Why do your eyebrows move so much ?

Janet Jacobs says:

Discover how last week I made an extra $500

BoomBoom Milkshake says:

Stripper money all one dollar bills.

Marissa Ayers says:

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Katelynn Kent says:

You’re hot! I always look at your videos. Inspiration:) 

Emma Gannon says:

I want to start a blog, what is a good website?

Glam Barbie says:

Just perfection ILY!!! Anyone want to be youtube friends? Reply when subbed and i will sub back asap❤️❤️

Molly Nicholson says:

you’re so beautiful and this video was really helpful thankyou!

Cheryl Pellot says:

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Greenspan Nora says:

Great site ever i seen..
Just Search Google ”Mojo Make Money System” .Try $ visit this site.

love2hatedrugs says:

sell some of you worn panties!!!!  now that would be a big money maker!!

Bear The Barbarian says:

You are hot

Animal Lover says:

Two ways to make money on the internet number one porn and number two webcam modeling.

shea haw says:

stop looking in the effing view finder

Brooke Josie says:

You’re so fun to watch! I love your videos:)

andre filipe rodrigues Ramos says:

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Marissa Ayers says:

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Tevin Washington says:

Stfu slut.

MirahMirror says:

If you like to sell old clothes online I would suggest Vinted and Poshmark as well 🙂

Nicolette Handlez says:

always flawless

Rahma Haider says:

i love your makeup in this! 

Martha An says:

How can i start a blog?and earn monet too?

Olivia Billotti says:

How do u get all the free products? Much love xoxoxoxoxo

Steinunn Thorarensen says:

Whats her insta gram ?

PurrPrincess says:

I am 9 years old

jensmakeupandfashion says:

What is your ebay username I would love to follow you. I love your style.

allanahbeswick says:

I’m 13 and I want a job but it’s hard to get one at my age so this really helped, thank you!! Also your makeup looks flawless!

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