4 Ways to make Money This Summer! On the Internet

Make Money Fast! How to make money as a Teen On the Internet Make money on the Internet! Spring Break! 5 ways to make money on the internet

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Mason Jar
Oil Based Sharpie
Pom Pom Strand
*All Supplies from Michaels!

Here are my ideas for what to do on Spring Break to make money! You can do this for summer too! Start NOW!

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HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATXG9c7zrl8&list=UUHfPdH_yrwLVstxYiyT5Gvw
TUMBLR ROOM DECOR:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kxp-rXujDWE&list=UUHfPdH_yrwLVstxYiyT5Gvw
DIY SPRING JEWELRY:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLlCpeUN77I&list=UUHfPdH_yrwLVstxYiyT5Gvw

FTC: This video was brought to you in partnership with Grapevine. Partnerships help make this channel possible. I only promote things that I believe in so you will always get my 100% honest opinion.

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Julie Mayfield says:

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Cuter ThanEver says:

You talk about it for spring break but the name says summer

Latoya Jones says:

hey when is your next QA video and I will total use that site thanks

A'Shiah Naomi says:

Your editing skills are the best!! What software do you use?

Maya Xo says:

u look like ravyen samome

Ireanna Bradshaw says:

At platos closet do the clothes have to be new with tags?

Natalie Polk says:

Rob a bank



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Amateur Aries says:

These are good tips but unfortunately some places won’t accept people who don’t have any subscribers or viewers. I am waiting to get an answer back now and that’s my main concern. I am a beauty guru with hardly anyone ever looking at my videos, I am trying my hardest to be seen any tips?

totallymeli says:

Any small youtubers , wanna support each other ?

Miss_argueta says:

How much followers should u have

valerie b says:

For grapevine does that go into your taxes??btw…….your pretty

Jordan Pj ♡ says:

Thank you for always putting effort into your videos, they always turn out amazing!

Noir Beauty says:

you have to have at least 5,000 subs and 2,000 views to be considered for grapevine

Jessie Maire says:

Are these sites safe?

Mariah Olmedo says:

love your DIYs

Ashley Olney says:

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Are you Canadian?

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