5 Proven Tips for Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

5 tips for increasing affiliate marketing sales with YouTube while building your brand online. **** Ready to grow your YouTube channel faster in 2019? We just released a brand new YouTube Growth Checklist and free video series. Get it free here ➡️ http://ViralVideoChecklist.com

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1. (Affiliate Marketing Video Series) Learn how to make money and master affiliate marketing in this free YouTube series ➡️http://bit.ly/AffiliateVideoSeries

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In this video Sean Cannell from Think Media shares 5 proven tips for increasing affiliate marketing sales. If you want to make more money with affiliate marketing this year, check out this video!


Naturally Mystique says:

*when he said 6 figures I spit out my water*

Home Business University says:

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” -Henry Ford

Daily Imperfections says:

Ok you answered my question that I had in video 3 lol I was ahead of myself yay! Was asking about what to download to see the searches per month. Soooo excited thank you I’ve been wondering for months what that was bc I saw it in another video as well.

Noah B says:

Now these video are actually helpful to me cause I finally posted on my channal!

Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Anh 2K6 Vlogs says:

Who has the prestigious cross-over via my youtube channel?

CouchToCafe says:

Fantastic video. Thanks Sean, I’ve learned (and continue to learn) so much from this channel. “Keep crushing it”.

Nick dv says:

hay thanks for your strategies for affiliate marketing this will work great for me.

Renaldo Questelles says:

I’m affiliated with Amazon. Cool informative video dude

Neal Fox says:

Great video series. One question. Obviously, when you review a product you need to have the product in your possession. This can get quite expensive. When you’re reviewing cameras, for instance, did you have to buy them? Or do you get loaners?
How does that work? Thanks.

unboxmuse says:

Hello, I just wanted to ask you something about a video you poster and I do not remember which one exactly it was but anyway. You showed on the search bar of youtube, for example searching for RED camera dragon right next to each results shows the number of searches could you please say how to get them ? Thank you.
PS: your channel THE reason I started to upload my first video :)…so…Thanks

Adam Baird says:

I definitely agree about only sharing products that you are passionate about. It is easy to take any sponsorship and to make a video that just gives you an excuse to put your Amazon affiliate link. Thanks for this great video!

David Carmosino says:

Sean! You’ve been influential (pun intended) for me this past year. I’ve read your book twice , bought one of your courses and I’ve seen a ton of your videos. My channel is coming out very soon and I feel more confident in doing so ! Grazie mille!

Violintune says:

Thank you for all that you do

Sam's Tech Productions says:

I use Amazon Affiliates like many others and I am looking forward to doing brand deals eventually in the future.

Wisco Style says:

@Think Media What are your thoughts on “Merch by Amazon”? Are there better ways to get into merch? Or is this the new way to get your merch out there? Thanks in advance!

Jodie Mayo says:

Great tips, always need to remember research pays off!

Aaron Hall - Business Ownership says:

Question: You recommend Kajabi, an all-in-one solution. Since you use separate platforms for autoresponders, landing pages, webinars, etc., why pay Kajabi’s higher price? Isn’t Thinkific or Teachable a better value? What am I missing?

AKitchenAdvisor says:

Useful recommendations and easy to follow presentation. I have watched a lot of your videos and think they add a lot of value to my YouTube growth and development. I wish I not just watched them but act on them earlier. Anyway, huge respect and sincere gratitude for all your educational efforts!!!

Mikabolat says:

Great content as always, I have a channel about volleyball. So when I get more views, I’ll definitely try to do some affiliate marketing since I can put some links about volleyball gear which can be fun to try.

Lycie says:

Hi Sean! I haven’t done this yet bc my channel will not be live till 2/1 BUT after watching all your videos and really taking the time to think about relatability & content I plan to become an affiliate with Amazon, Target, and a small kid clothing line that I’ve always been into. These decisions have reason and purpose! Thank you for continuing to create content that is so helpful! About to go download the new checklist bc I only have the old one that I recently filled out.

AnneThonyo Couple says:


XmaxiBeatz says:

I watched the hole video and it helped me allot i Will like to thank think Media for it! I am going to try all tips! I hope it also will help my YouTube Channel finnaly grow after 5 years getting notting
Thank you for the tips Think Media!

James Patton says:

Did you use that sigma 16-35mm in the intro?


Hi, sean I just started Cooking Channel about 3 months ago and I got 71,600 Views and 537 Subscribers so far. But I only have 1.14 Minute Average view duration. How can I increase my view duration game up?!!!! Please

nick delo says:

great content on many niches, thanks

Pierangelo Pacini says:

Great content. I’m about to start up my channel and this advice has been beyond helpful! Keep it up.

Heather Gerhardt says:

I use amazon as well but it doesn’t generate much yet! Growing my channel so hoping to get more soon!

Vera Pin says:

I just started to try the amazon affiliate program.

James Patton says:

Your team is crushing it with content and great thumbnails

I Am Jason Allen says:

Thanks Sean!!

Memo Max says:

Thanks You’ve helped a lot

It's My Life says:

Awesome video! You’re the reason I stay motivated.

CookingCakeShow - Livia Pucci says:

Hi! I’m trying to change my audience from being mostly italian (being my videos all in italian) to reach a more international audience (making videos in english), but keeping my contents and brand the same. What would be your tips for that? Thank you! 😉

Major Finding says:

That’s a great series! I learned a lot of new useful and interesting stuff about Affiliate Marketing and have already started to use some of your tips. Thanks’ a lot!

John Spencer says:

Sean, love all you content. Inspiring me to build that portfolio of content. Thank you so much.

Marcus Brock says:

Good points. Great presentation. Keep it up!

James Hurley says:

Great video I am inspired

LTK_Chiv says:

Good video

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