5 Steps To Making Money In A Home Studio


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Ferdinand Baarde says:

sir are you a sound engineer?

Jojo Rock'allNations says:


velvetxjimmy says:

hey is there any way you could tell me where you bought that desk???

claudio Barbosa says:

great video bro


All 5 real talk! I’m an Artist first and have had my own studio for awhile. Started Writing Engineering Recording My Albums. Then started making beats. Then got into mixing. I never thought I would like mixing. As an Artist I would rather record. As I started mixing my 26 track album Road II Redemption Part 1. I actually was my first client. I watched a lot of tutorials reading books etc. This experience set me up to Engineer & Mix 4 new projects. Plus I just got hired to Engineer & Mix a full length Gospel Album. I set my hourly fee upfront and haven’t had any issues with payment. The more experience you get under your belt the more confidence you develop when saying how much you charge. First impression is everything. This year coming up i have 6 projects to Engineer & Mix. I use to look at all the credits on the back of my uncles albums. The name that stood out was Quincy Jones. I Wrote All My Songs On My Album & Produced 23 tracks out of 26 with 2 Full Time Jobs. So don’t let anything get in the way. Find a way to use it to work in your favor. #johngreasy #GGMG #wegone

Preacher D. says:

perfect information and great advice. That how I do this and I am so satisfied with what I get out of it Amen.


Bro you talking knowledge that’s where I’m at still have a 9 to 5 and my Man is my first client recording and mixing his EP

DreamBeliever365 says:

Cool…with ya bro.

Spanish Mamba says:

I have been studying for years & finally feel good about getting my ears wet!!!  I look forward to watching more vids in the future. GL to you bro!

Raymond Mobley says:

Great tips man. Really enjoyed listening to you. Best advice I’ve heard.


great video jordan, I have been debating on when to start charging clients. I think now is the time.

Victor Carey says:

Guys I swear I just got free.$2200.paypal.money from this amazing website: (just type in g00gle)=> *_freepplcash xyz_*

Nqrve says:

I live a hour and a half north of kansas city. By St. Joseph Missouri. Once I heard that you near KC i subbed haha! I’mma be getting into the recording biz too. Music’s been my life and I want it to be my career as well. Nice vid Jordan, also what camera do you use, it’s got hella good clarity and quality.

C. John Nweke says:

Great video Man. Very informative. Thank You. Quick question: When your 9-5 is so tiring and you can’t seem to do anything after, except wake up to do another shift, what do you suggest?
I’m Getting into audio production and mixing so I’m trying to soak up all the knowledge I can get while I save up to buy my first set of gear so I can start recording.


What kind of camera and lens were you using to shoot this video? I’m planning on posting little music cover/beat making videos with a clear shot like yours.

timmytruth says:

so so so valuable. thanks for your information. Keep up the good work.

King Ech says:

That’s my brother

tallgeese1 says:

Thanks for sharing your experience. I wish you much success in your career endeavor.

Angel Ramos says:

Thanks for the video Jordan.. a lot of key points

Daniel G Jean-Baptiste says:

thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge, I really appreciate it.

Kyng Crescent says:

Man I’m A 100 percent with U brah, thankz for the information.. #Bank! #BankVaultEnt

Invictus Vision Productions says:

How old were when you started mixing?

Master- Jedi Zen - Du says:

what Lens are you using for this video ?? thanks bro

Eleven 9 Ent says:

Thanks for this Great Video as a aspiring producer I really needed to see this. I’m subbing to your channel so I can learn as much as possible

Nyce Keys says:

Thank you Bro. you made my day.

JustintheJ says:

Oh man such a tune in the background!!

cameron murphy says:

speakers are around the wrong way homieee…tweeters on outside

Daniel Hernandez says:

Congrats bro that’s my goal too!!

What kind of gear do you use? (E.g. Microphone, daw, mastering gear?)

Wes Heriveaux says:

I appreciate the Video, This is something that I’m considering doing and the tips are really helpful

John Miller says:

step 1. dont spend money on a studio

step 2. repeat step 1

Devin Jones says:

Dope video man

Freddy Zapata says:

i have a vision of where i want to go with my dream,my realistic problem is not knowing how to write music or know how to read notes,i can work with what i know from ear and scales and chord progressions ,but i am sure that networking with others who are more advance on this kind of art can teach us more

Jesse Gil says:

do you have any advice for pushing your music as an independent project? like do you DJ at all?

...And Jam Tracks For All says:

Good advice!

Cole Hammontree says:

This is the first video I’ve watched of yours Jordan, and I am now going to be watching all the rest! I aspire to be a full time music producer, and this video has inspired me to work even harder at becoming my own boss, and making a full time career out of the music industry. Keep making awesome videos!

Uni Cure says:

You know you need to lay down your monitors with the tweeters on the OUTside?

MixedByJordan says:

Man… I appreciate the support that this video has received. THANK YOU! I’m putting out a minimum 3 vlogs per week so hit that SUBSCRIBE button to stay up to date. Thanks!

thekingsrecordlabel says:

Nice video man, thanks a lot for the information

141Studioz says:

Great inspiring video man, thnx!

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