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HI guys i’am a regular guy that i sick of fake videos of peaple lying on ways to get some cash from internet 🙂

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5 Ways to Make Money Online
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jhon taey says:

the algérien country not receive the money

حذاري بلنسبة للجزائرين لن تصلكم أموال

GC GiveawayCentral says:

Look at all those bloody viruses at the top of his chrome lololl

Lanka Gallery says:

I have two facebook pages 35k & 51K. I’m sharing 5 adfly links a day & my daily earnings are between $4 to $6 around $150 per month

chebil Amine says:

new and my best way to earn 50 euro per month easly without faking people !!!!

WhatMusic says:

Show us proof you earn money by getting a better mic

syeda kauser says:

Hearing power of Wolworine is needed to understand you

Roger Sanchez says:

You can make extra money by selling your old laptop, and this app will let you do it. Simply select the type of device you wish to sell, add a description of the device, pack it up and ship it (free of charge), and get paid with a cheque or Paypal.

Saqr Mital says:

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Game Downloader says:

can i withdraw money from adfly without a paying processor instead with a mail from post office
please help

Zain_ Pro says:

hey don’t go the the links which are in the description he’s earning money from them!

Marissa Ayers says:

I have generated a regular revenue with “mizi shocking online” (Google it). Hands down you can not discover a better plan for creating an income. Look up, “mizi shocking online” on google and finally be able to successfully start your own company online. Wishing you luck and hoping you enjoy this guide.

Alamin Aloy says:

Nice video boss

rayden1717 says:

good job bro .thank you for sharing .just ignore the negative comment

jenni badg4l says:

mycashbar pour gagner facilement, tu laisse tourner et tu gagne, juste ca

Golegg Com says:

Best site ever see registration <3 easy money in here >>>>>>> http://GoleGG.Com/

The banana Dude says:

Yep it’s fake

Its Dextrin says:

souds like this guy tried to use autotune

DJ ARI MIX says:


ComplicatedNacho says:


Zohdi Jabri says:

but how can i get the money that i get in that

Grace Oliver says:

Watch out my formula which gives me massive money
(Just Google) *_Mike Make Money System_*

Online Videos says:


RR7 says:

As soon as I heard you speak, i left… Thx for giving my ears free cancer

fahad aziz says:

free eaning recharge

gokul nath says:

people down in the comments are just stupid ….

roland gerges says:


Groen thomas says:

My friend James is earning very good money with a simple system.
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Pandaranos !!!!!!! says:

mic cancer

Ridwan Mohamed says:

wow Good video bro

Michael Reyes says:

Here is a great site that I found the other day that currently makes me over 75 dollars/day online: JoxMoney. com

sayrin anim says:

looooooooser fk

omada crocs says:

will you send me the list of forums

8 ball pool videos says:


profix3r says:

This adfly bot works very well, only with proxy!
htt ps://mega.nz/#!ntQ2EIqb!kpxlU9LeEApciiuBaNAh6S9hY3vEMyBtJnBNvx-tOyk

Britney Souders says:

This website will show you how to quickly make over 90 dollars each day online: HootCash. com

Thomas Owen says:

I prefer making money online differently. The easiest way I got to make money online successfully was with this site.Just Search Google; “Mojo Make Money System”

Betsy B. Barham says:

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