5 Ways To Make Money This Summer! ☼ On The Internet

Here are some easy ways to make money this summer!
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1. Sell DIYs and crafts on sites like etsy.com and Facebook
2. Sell and clean out your closet! Its so easy i promise!
3. Get into youtube!
4. Get into photography! Photograph people from school and advertise on instagram and Facebook.
5. Do online surveys at night!

I hope you guys make a TON of money this summer off the internet! isn’t that what we already do best…. hanging out on the internet 😀

Im so happy to be working with OpinionOutpost on this video!

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A D says:

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Alena Fikejzová says:

Opinion Outpost isn’t available in my country 🙁

Shelby B says:

Does option outpost acully work or is it a scam

Leslie Juarez says:

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Peter Harrison says:

Her left eyeliner is killing me it is off every time she blinks

nutella 444_555 says:

Online surveys always seem like scams

Eva Francesca Vargas says:

if you aint talkin money i dont wanna talk

Brooke Reilly says:

Some surveys are a scam

Gurbaksheesh Tripathi says:

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Miss Wonderland says:

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Kelly McGregor says:

Eyeliner though, come on Eva!

Ruby Allen says:

Who’s watching this in 2017 ?

Kara Bullock says:

If you ain’t talkin money I don’t wanna talk

Ana Pantoja says:

1:57 begins the list on how to make money

Patricia Rossman says:

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Kara Rooney says:

Eva thank you for posting these great advice videos

Lilli Anna says:

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David Jones says:

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Isabella Waziri says:

Who is watching 2017

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Breanna Tannar says:

how do you monetize and YouTube account???

Phantom Giraffe says:

in opinion outpost should we put our address? ;-;

Laura Green says:

At 1:29 her eyeliner is… WIERD

Reem Alhaddad says:

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Lauren Gutierrez says:


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Denim Jeans says:

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Kara Rooney says:

Eva thank you for posting these great advice videos

Wiktoria Bragiel says:

what video editor do you use to edit your videos ?

Vaanya Zachariah says:

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