7 Steps To Make Money With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing!

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4:43 – Step 1: Setting Up A Domain And Website
12:16 – Step 2: Keyword Research
16:27 – Step 3: Creating Content
24:54 – Step 4: Installing Plugins
28:01 – Step 5: Monetizing Your Site
31:52 – Step 6: Growing Your Social Accounts
38:08 – Step 7: Creating Videos & Growing A YouTube Channel

In today’s video I’m going to be show you how to make money with Clickbank affiliate marketing by building simple niche websites designed to promote many of their high-commission and extremely lucrative products. Plus I’ll be showing you a REAL life case study of a website that I’ve built up from scratch so that you can see first hand exactly how I promote Clickbank products.

This Clickbank tutorial is broken down into seven different stages that walk you step by step through the entire process starting from the very beginning where we will be setting up a domain and WordPress website right through to the SEO techniques that I use to get my sites to rank in Google. And I’ll even be showing you how I grow huge YouTube followings and use video marketing to help promote my sites.

This guide is extremely beginner and newbie friendly but there’s also a whole lot of trips, tricks and techniques along that way that I’m sure even seasoned veterans are going to learn something from!


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habib code says:

The Master is finally back!!!!

Muna Mohamed Hussein says:

Heeeeeey welcome. We miss you a lot here. I really thought you were dead!.

Geoffrey Keane says:

My email is gcktrading@gmail.com

Jovana Miller says:

Thank you for coming back with new info!!!

Dylan Burrows says:

This is the most effective way to make money with clickbank, all the other gurus will spin some bullshit like ‘Make money without a website’ but this is the core foundation that works the best

Vent Dans Ma Voile says:

Hi Jay, you mentioned in the past that you use FPTraffic for your social media accounts. Do you still recommend it?
And, I’m trying to find a good auto post plugin for WordPress. I’m trying out Social Auto Poster right now, which is available on Code Canyon. Do you have any auto post plugins to recommend?

Impressive Clips says:

Great comeback dude! Also, anyone know of a website like kw finder but is free?!

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Chiko Shogun says:

Thank you for the informative video bro, very eye opening.

Taro says:

You finally back! Yeah!

Hamdi Rizal says:

I’m glad I don’t have to play this video on 1.5x speed.
Welcome back.

Retro Snoop says:

It’s weird that you’re making a video about affiliate marketing you don’t have any affiliate links for things you suggested like host gator etc.

aubrey Harris says:

HOLY FUCK MATE!! There ya are!! Welcome back mate

J Banks says:

They put you in….what u get, 3yrs? Juskiden.. glad you’re back bud

Mark Christopher says:

I like you. I remember you in 2014. I like your brand

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2MakeMoney says:

Wow, you pack so much incredible info into your vids, amazing 🙂

Melanie Stewart says:

WOW! Amazing value! Thank you!

SOSAXP7 says:

Dude I been waiting for new videos for years, welcome back! 🙂

Cherie York says:

OMG. Welcome back Aussie. You just made my day/month/year!

Netadco Marketing says:

Nevermind. Tried again and again and now it came up. Very nicely done website.

Lydia Avila says:

You still haven’t answered my previous questions, what your doing is good because you know how. However what is the real out come of your numerology site? Or any site? If I use lets say 10 products to promote, that’s 10 times I am listing it with social media sites to funnel traffic, so your doing this same method for every product you list a domain name with? Its a lot for just one product so I am curious what is the outcome of that one product say after 6 months? As I noticed your numerology site is at the top of SE already. Does that one product financially give a good outcome? With the social media each product has its own accounts? If so that is a lot of SM accounts for every product your doing. Your not specifying on any of this.

Fogata says:

Great video, very informative!
Thank you.

Tanyi Melvis says:

Yasssssssssssssssssss! He’s back! Thank you so much for the lessons

Geoffrey Keane says:

The best video I have seen on the subject of online marketing and related thngs. Very practical. I would like to talk to you and discuss an opportunity

Harishwar sagar says:

Why do u uploaded once in a blue moon man ?

Jimmy Cook says:

Hey Man, so glad to see you back, yes we missed you. and yes you are the Comeback Kid. Great stuff as always.

Tony Lapshinoff says:

Good to see you again.

Akhil Arya says:

He’s ALIVE !!! He’s ALIVE !!!

Business Talk says:


Ehsan Khan says:

Glad to see you back bro

juanice holman says:

good to see you back I realized I have grown alot since i saw you first videos thank you

Netadco Marketing says:

Was numerology site hacked after this video? What spelling did you use? Cause it is down. Just wondering. Awesome informative video by the way!

Prof Ed says:

where have u been, man talk about yourself, we need you healthy, health cannot be bought with money

Vent Dans Ma Voile says:

Amazing video! Really appreciate the fast forward tutorials while you’re explaining the steps and tools. Being a video creator myself, I can see just how much time went into making this one! I was able to go full time from my marketing this year, thanks in part to your videos from way back. And I got a lot of new ideas/tools/strategies from this one. Can’t wait for the next video, especially if it’s more intermediate or advanced!

Jeffrey Aman says:

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Shelton King says:

You don’t look stoned anymore what happened

Mahmudur Rahman says:

Thanks God You are Alive!!…..Warm welcome mate 🙂

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