7 Ways to Make Money Off Your Art || 30 Days of Art Episode 15

Hello loves! I hope you enjoy this oil painting timelapse + my tips on 7 different ways to make money off your art. These methods are just for brainstorming to help you get started, and here’s a summary of the list:

1. Originals
2. Prints
3. Merchandise
4. Commissions
5. Local venues/art fairs
6. YouTube
7. Patreon

For a 30min version of this video, along with monthly coloring challenges, tutorials, and other fun rewards: http://www.patreon.com/happydartist

LIMITED EDITION PRINTS: http://www.happyd-artist.com/shop

Thanks for watching!

Materials I used in this video:
♥ Oil paints from Gamblin
♥ Brushes from Royal & Langnickel

A very SPECIAL thank you to my lovely patrons, without whom this video would not have been possible. ♥♥♥


Shop: http://www.happyd-artist.com/shop
Instagram: @happydartist

Music: songs from Amarante (used with permission from the artist) – “Brave Martin Halldin Remix” and “Flicker Siarate Remix”

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GSS says:

What brad oil paints does she use?


It’s heart aching when you find something really relating to your spirit… feelings.. I donno’

Ashley Yang says:

what is the size of the canvas you used???

visckk says:

i would love to get information about which canvas u use

Dino Kitten says:

did you use glass for your palette ?

Zoe Davey says:

Your channel and videos are pure goals. Plus your voice layered over the top is so soothing to listen to. Thank you for creating such thoughtful work! x

Sebastian Tinajero says:

I love watching my cats too I’m constantly mesmerized by them , sending some love hope you have a wonderful weekend

Bonzulac says:

It’s so great you did such a beautiful homage to Omaha the Cat Dancer!

My name is Si says:

Can u do a video about all your art works that u used to have back in high school ? Please, like show how your technique improve over the years

milkinelle says:

Been binge watching you all day while I multitask, don’t be discouraged that I’m not watching, I have seen all of your artwork before and pretty sure I have seen most of our videos. I just needed more tips and motivation. Been in a weird drawing funk lately and your videos have really helped. Thank you.

O-O says:

This is one of my favorite paintings you’ve done. I don’t know why.

Alois Daniel says:

thank you for the info. love your art 🙂

ZatoichiBlindSword says:

I want to see the shadowy form of a angry buzzard mother in the far background

little ms. Purple princess says:

I love your videos and your art. your very talented.

Dea Lenihan says:

How long did this image to finish? Beauty BTW.

Lillian Atwood says:

What is the surface that you are painting on? It’s so smooth!!!

Amaelia says:

Love it. Gorgeous!

Kierstin Woodburn says:

You can also earn money from commissions and prints on deviantart.

adel Wu says:

What do you paint on? gesso board, canvas, etc..

Ashley Yang says:

Have you ever tried digital art?

Jammer33847 Jamaa says:

This is interesting, very interesting. The hybrid combination itself is baffling.
Even the name astonishes me.
Very creative..

Shannon Williams says:

Thanks for the tips! I am new to your videos. This is just a gorgeous painting! Thank you for sharing it!

Rebecca Reinhardt says:

Reminds me of my character named Sapheal in my story Felix. I never drew her yet but this may give me a little inspiration

sillygummybear13 says:

how do you know how to price your art?

Saví Monét says:

Omfg thank you. I have my favorite restaurant called Mean Bean and they heavily help out the art community for anyone else in New Jersey in Toms River ask the owners. They told me they would really support it.

aja ehrichs says:

Hi, if you are reading this I have an idea for another video. If you like listening to music while painting, what kind of music?

Ashes To Ashes says:

Beautiful beautiful art! 😀 just discovered your channel. Absolutely love it. Very inspirational.

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