Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Make Money WITHOUT A Website

Inside this video I talk about affiliate marketing for beginners, but there are some more advanced techniques as well. The goal of this video is to show you that you can make money without a website and it is not that complicated.

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One of the things that you need to understand is that there are many ways to make money through affiliate marketing and using YouTube is one of my favorite ways. I like being able to use YouTube for affiliate marketing because you don’t need a website to make this work.

I have done many videos on affiliate marketing for beginners, but it just seems like I am always missing something. Hopefully this video shows you exactly what you can do even if you don’t have a website. Trust me, affiliate marketing online is one business I am glad that I have and I know you will be too if you just give it a shot.

Affiliate marketing isn’t easy, it will take time to build up your income but any business that takes a while to build probably has a higher chance of earning quality income, right?

If you have questions after watching this video about affiliate marketing for beginners, then please comment below and I will try to help you out in any way possible.

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Again, if you have questions after watching this video on affiliate marketing for beginners then please comment below.


mrzipzap1234 says:

But to be an amazon affiliate you need a website so says:

Earn instantly with our affiliate program!
(We also sponsor videos from YouTube creators)

Brian Grosch says:

Great video, thanks! And if anyone wants some more excellent 100% FREE training, check this out. Google “success with Brian reid”

Ron M says:

All u need is Moneydude. :p

Bjamin1107 says:

You look good in that color

Yarmaine Guy says:

I’ve heard differently

HomemadeEntrepreneur says:

The SECRET to making money with affiliate marketing is to just put in the work. You need to get your links out in front of people and the only way to do that is by doing the work. There are no shortcuts, just proven techniques that will or will not work effectively.

Matthew Wierzchowski says:

how long do those affiliate marketing links you post in video last? do you have to go back and refresh those every so often

Night Wolf says:

awesome video Mr Adam
by the way can you do a video on drop shipping with Shopify or whatever if you do that because I am quite interested to know about it, but most things on internet I find about it sounds fishy and you are the most trustworthy YouTuber I know, also if you dont do that can you please let me know why you don’t do that.
thanks for reading

Coffee says:

Do you buy everything you promote?

Kris Grauel says:

Thank you very much for posting. I have the five accounts that you speak of but no website. Nor do I wish to have one. I like the simple approach you advocate. My question is” What would my next step be? Niche selection perhaps? I have often heard that it is important for one to be passionate about whatever they promote. I profoundly disagree. I would promote socks if they could make me money. So I am looking to keep things moving from the ground up with your simple approach and I eagerly await your response.

Molly T says:


Eliu Cortes says:

The best video for beginners that I have so far seemed pertaining this subject.

TheMajorBuzzkill says:

im with ogads and I can teach you more about mobile affiliate marketing if you want. Hit me up, im free till this sunday

tgardone says:

To review products like that you actually have to have the product in your hand right? Is there any way to get product like that without actually buying them?


Thank You everything you talk about on your video I am slowly working on. Great Video

mark job says:

Man !! friends and family hate that shit !!! Spammy as hell!

Ahadul Islam says:

Where is your website Update bro. we just get only one update

Yarcofin says:

Can we do this without getting our family & friends to like + share? I don’t want people I know in real life to be aware of any affiliate videos I make as they tend to look down on it. Can I do it with facebook ads instead?

SameChickDifferentDay says:

Thanks for this information! I have a YT channel and I was about to start a website so I am glad I watched this! Thanks!

Benjamin Moore says:

How do you advertise, market and promote amazon products, from your social media accounts and get paid?

Rodrigo Graça says:

I’m doing other 2 strategies that probably no one is doing and I’m making about 100$ … (without a site)

My amazon affiliates account is about to expire… I need to recreate it and start promoting it…. Never done any $ through amazon affiliates…

P.S. Now that I think about it again: Amazon affiliate link only lasts 24H right? The ones I use last 30 days or more…

Jaime Montes says:

do you think you could provide a link to one of your affiliate videos you filmed without you being on camera as an example? ? that would be super helpful!!

Marc Adamek says:

Don’t you need an existing website to get approved to become an Amazon affiliate?

Anna Jones says:

Thank you!

Kevin Maguire says:

Clickbank won’t give me an account because I live in Ukraine. They think because a few people were frauds the whole country is. Even non Ukrainians. So screw them. I thought about signing up with a proxy, but screw them. Any alternative?

cosmickate says:

Love this video thanks very genuine, clear aand feel spurred on to do it

ahumblemanSr ahumblemanSr says:

Dude thanks for the confidence builder. I’ve been a amazon affiliate for 2 months now, I have a website, but this was still very helpful. I hit the like button. Many blessings from New Orleans.

pancho number 1 says:

whats your fb

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