Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tutorial – How To Make Money On Amazon Affiliate

VideoSniper Pro:

In this 30 Day video Challenge i will teach you how to start your own Online Business from scratch.

Here you can see the complete playlist of the 30 Day Challenge by Michael Kohler:

In this video I will show you how to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing!

I will guide you exactly through how to set up an account and rank your videos on youtube so you get traffic.
That is needed cause otherwise it won’t work.

This is for sure not Ebook Pdf how to make money with amazon affiliate marketing the ultimate step by step guide to making money from home affiliate marketinghow to make money. But it’s way better.

So I will pass this along to others in my group who are learning Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Make sure you actually do it and get some results.

Finally let me make clear to you.
Great post on Amazon Affiliate Marketing with a lot of golden nuggets. Don’t you think?

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David Becker says:

How to be a douchebag using plagiarism 101 kthxbye.

Ahmed Ed-dahhani says:


George Chamoun says:

Hello, nice video and very helpful. I wonder if you could help me with a question? Do you think selling physical product is better that digital and software? I have been online and can’t sell anything related to info or software product? Thanks.

jmargani says:

Great content! I’ve been strugling in trying to get this done as well but I’m finally seeing some good results thanks to this

Top Spook says:

Man your just all over the place with this video you say its a Amazon Affiliate tutorial but your talking about video sniper pro and you don’t even explain the correlation between the two.  Get your stuff together and make a video.

Anthony Pooler says:

I thought i’d share this free sales funnel software for email list building

mariomiholic says:

Try this Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin that will help you make more commissions. It has helped me to boost my Amazon Sales:

leah Knight says:

its good but i hate it when “prepaid cards and other bank stuff” only lets you get x amount a monthj

Just for Laugh says:

I am 14 can I use

ProductPreview says:
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Roman The king says:

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Fehad Hasan says:

Very educating and I really appreciate your unique way of teaching. Thanks and looking forward to more interesting videos. Currently I am Providing Digital Marketing Services…Please Check below –

Sarah Kcazi says:

this Smile in thumbnail picture , just awesome

Zachary Adair says:

this is hard with out a video. the only reason why you doing so well is because you a have Video

M S Mostafa Shajjad says:

Do You have multiple affiliate amazon accounts? jolly, please, please! Give me one!!

Island Girl says:

Thank you for sharing thr stuff. Very helpful ! More to know 🙂

Justin Morrell says:

Great content! What is the best way to contact you?

007thematrix007 says:

thumbnail says 10k/month as an amzon affiliate, how feasible/realistic is that?

George Estremera says:

Man, I’m glad I watched this. Subbed. I watched one or two of your videos last year, but I don’t know why that was it. Maybe I can get somewhere with affiliate marketing after all.

The Rainbow Right says:

So tired of these internet marketing charlatans

Jaime Librado says:

Hi Michael, what is the main reason why my Youtube video is not stable on its ranking position? Sometimes its on the top 5 ranks, sometimes on top 20 but most of the time its gone? Why?

Keysta Stanciel says:

I am trying get not just traffic to my affiliate site but referrals and sales to it. I am asking the person I bought it off on EBay but that is not helping me make money off the affiliate site because I am trying to make money off the affiliate site.

Brando Ontong says:

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Vesta says:


Victor Acosta says:

How do you recommend I make videos of popular products like the camera example shown, if we don’t own the camera. That’s the only part I’m not quite sure what you mean by ‘just create your video about it’ and get it ranked. Could you please explain to me what you do, what you recommend, etc when it comes to what’s actually in the video? Thanks!!

Str8 Com says:

you say you dont need to make a video but very wrong, bad content

Babies US says:

great vidéo. thanks

Manuel Bucio says:

He is just wasting time just to get payed on youtube..non educational content in this videos.. click bait…douche bag

Rotter Studios says:

great video. like the sniper pro app. i’ll have to check that out. i always include affiliate links in all my videos.

jessica Robin says:

Quality,,, red-hot idiotic plan provi-de me 18 orders everyday

Sofie Markets says:

This was amazing — thanks for posting!

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Kris Watson says:

Good video. How do you actually scrape youtube or google to get the video footage? I guess you’d also need to create a seperate youtube channel?

Doctora Sexy says:

best way to buy your vitamins and supplements online

CatchAnimation says:

I would suggest everyone, it is better to learn the “basics of online earning” instead of running for each and every “shiny product”. There are unlimited products present on the internet promising that after using it we would become a selling machine:) but eventually we see those guys earning who know the basics:) No matter how luxurious and expensive mercedes benz you purchased, until and unless you don’t know how to drive…it is useless for you.

Jack Bean says:

Everyone knows how Amazon Affiliates works. What you don’t do is tell people how to get customers? How do you get them to your website? You can’t sell anything would people going to your website. The products you show have hundreds, if not thousands, of vendors selling the same items. How to you actually get customers?

alpha woif says:

Is it for Austria also ? Video sniper Pro ?

Babies US says:

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Marietta Fields says:

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tU tran says:

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Isaac Patel says:

This is all after I created a video. Correct?

Sergot Ismael Chery says:

what kind of camera you use?

WilliJ Gaming says:

hi i’m ur 10,000th viewer, do i get a prize?

Quan Luu says:

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Awesome saikiran says:

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why didnt you explain all…till the end….just showed us a small part and ???? very bad

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