Art Talk: Making income on the internet? my experience & advice

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In this video I talk about my experience with making income off creativity and offer some highly requested advice for anyone who would like to do the same. Thanks for watching!

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Nur Hassanah says:

Lena! I love you sooooo much you give such great advice <3

artonthefridge says:

I don’t mean this to criticize because you seem very happy but I wanted to ask why you wouldn’t want to gradually increase your prices? If people who don’t have money truly want your art you could give it to them as a gift or they could purchase a smaller piece. I wish you to be in abundance of money not because money is the purpose of life but because it makes life easier – buying art supplies, not being stressed about being able to pay the bills, being able to afford a vacation and to take time off, for emergencies, and so on. Lisa from Lachri Fine Art earns over $6000 per month just through Patreon although she says she only got there by working hard and learning business and marketing. I’m happy for her and I wish you would have that because you work hard for it. I don’t think it’s good to be a “starving artist”. Many artists nowadays fight to debunk that myth. I would love to hear your thoughts on that.

SLH ArtFlow says:

thank you for the video

Lauren Basamot says:

This video is inspiring and motivating . 🙂

Pasto says:

Love to you!

Mark Nelson says:

Love your spirit however if you want to make a career as an artist than you need to start demanding more for your labor and creativity. Doesn’t mean you’ll be enjoying it less as a passion just that you’ll be more respected as a professional.

Stephanie Foster says:

Lena Dana you have no idea how much of an inspiration you are to me, I only discovered your Art on YouTube 3 months ago and I love your paintings so much! I’ve watched almost all of your videos and with each one I watch I’m inspired more and more. I’m currently a bartender also ( bartending for 5 yrs now and I know exactly what you mean when you say it’s exhausting), tho I do appreciate my customers I’ve grown close too. I recently got in a motorcycle accident with my boyfriend which was life changing for the both of us, we both were injured pretty bad. Now I’m having to heal my ankle after breaking my talus bone, so I’ve had a bunch of time on my hands not being able to walk. Growing up all I wanted to do was draw and paint, and constantly I’ve been put down for wanting to make it a career. No one really supported it, saying I’d never make enough money or I’d have to be alot better at it. I’ve went to school 3 different times… never finishing, because it wasn’t what made me happy. I stopped making Art for a few years, convinced I was just wasting my time. Watching your videos opened my eyes to realizing that life is short, and you should do what you love! That’s what I love and that’s what makes me happy. A month ago I started painting and drawing again and I plan on continuing to do just that, no matter what anyone has to say. If I end up making a career out of it, it’d be a dream come true! This comment is a bit long but I really just wanted to let you know that you’re very talented and to keep up the great work, continue to inspire people and continue to be your genuine self! Thanks Dana!

Nancy Spicer says:

I learned lots about the process of print. That is way cool so I am liking you. I am an artist too. Take care

Nancy Lee says:

Love you so much Lena.

Kim Mobey says:

Giclee is actually a pigment based ink rather than a dye based ink. That’s why it lasts so long; the ink will probably last longer than the paper!

Chatty Kat says:

Why would anyone thumbs down?? Thanks for your vids.

Alex ArroyoArt says:

Isn’t deviant art full of anime and porn these days? not hating on it. I used to have an account but when I went back it became so hard to come across good innovative artists. I have better luck discovering people on Instagram

Steven Labry says:

Great advice thanks for the video!


Thank you that’re really great and clear advice. I’m considering creating a channel also a building on my existing strengths as an artist rather than getting random job to make ends meet. Would love to see more tips and tricks of being a freelance artists and self promotion in general, as well as portrait painting techniques. Keep up the great work and know for sure that your persistence and talent is very much appreciated!

Tushar Vetale says:

wow you are looking so beautyfull. I want to meet you.

Suzan Leisering says:

Love this! Thank you, Lena

Caroline Smith says:

Just started my art instagram. I’d love to make some friends! Check it out @cbsartdesign

Milena B says:

this video helped me so much thanks! Would be so great if you could do more talking videos again 🙂

deeamerson says:

So, Lena is a Unicorn confirmed? LOL 🙂

Seriously though, thank you very much for taking time to make these videos. They are so inspiring, and keeps me motivated.

Sarmistha Sarcar says:

very courageous! inspiring…trying to follow your foot steps in this materialistic world! I love your videos and work.. keep inspiring

Mariane Mendoza says:

You are as beautiful as your artworks. Thanks for your advice. Very helpful!

Clara Darlene Reger says:

Have a premium line for that trip to Ukraine.

zizie Ed says:

u inspired me lena.. tq.. keep update.. >>>lot love

Jonathan Rothman Art says:

I know this is old .. but I like your attitude towards art .. as it is a passion for me too 🙂

Amy Mastrine says:

This is the realest video everrr thank you for sharing + your honesty <3 <3 <3 !!

Olivia Bosson Art says:

I definitely agree with her on most points, but I think its a little unfair to say money shouldn’t be your motivation, because the truth is if you’re not making enough money to support yourself with your art, then you cant make art because you’ll be spending all your time waitressing or whatever.
That being said I think what she probably meant was don’t expect to be making A LOT of money. Personally I’d be totally happy if I could just do art and make enough to buy food and pay off student loans, haha. My motivation isn’t to be making enough for me to buy like a mansion or whatever. But regardless, money is definitely a motivation, even if its just enough to pay the bills.

Cameron Nguyen says:

hey lena 🙂 im having so much trouble finding the motivation to do art…I work full time but it’s not what I’m passionate about and I am so scared to take a leap and start a career in art. How did you have the confidence to do this?

Odette Uys says:

Lena, you are an inspiration to me!

ken stephens says:

i paint 24 /7 lucky i guess ,but it is hard work i like to say i ant find the time to sales ,like your video

Rubisel Kano says:

im watching this two years later but i still appreciate what u said and i like your vid .cheers

WhimZpix says:

Lena, this seemed off the cuff and honest. Keep this up! I have serious health issues and can not be consistent with anything, still, I am encouraged by others who work as hard a you do to have a healthy and balanced life. God is good, and we are not…but, he gives us the opportunity to shine when we put him first and then show kindness to others. Like you are doing! smiles, constance, former RN.

Micah Buzan says:

“Money is just a tool, not a life purpose.”

Love that mindset, and totally agree!

Irene Sophia says:

” if you can afford a pair of jeans you can probably afford my art ” me-” huh. OK ” * gos on her store* 800$ art=very expensive jeans

C. Chouinard says:

How can you put a thumb down on a video like this ? This woman is so beautiful inside ( and if i may say, outside as well ! with all the respect. I really had to say it because it is my artistic side that force me to do so. ) Lena your message is so inspiring !
Hope i didn t mess with my average english 🙂 …. Keep up the very very good work you do and i wish you a long and beautiful career and happiness. Thanks you also for your generosity.

Blessing VH says:

Thanks for sharing this video! I was working three part time jobs to make ends meat. All the while I decided to start putting my art out there because it’s really what I want to do. This month alone I quit one part time job bc it was conflicting with time I could use for my art business. There’s more reasons than that but it’s probably best I not say more. I have an online store and a regularly updated blog. I’ve never been so proud of myself. Even though it is scary I feel happier doing this. I feel it will continue growing bc it’s gaining a lot of momentum, something most ppl kept telling me was impossible. A big tip I have is work with whatever you have. I have a Lot of leftover painting supplies and drawing paper I didn’t use in college. Those are now becoming things I can sell rather than just practice. I keep finding stuff to paint on or make that I forgot I had!

M. 1 says:

Very helpful and inspiring. Thank you.

Chibi Alien says:

LOVE YOU THIS IS GREEAT ADVICE a lot of people I know need to hear this

Nicole Haberkorn says:

Could you talk about taxes perhaps? It’s really difficult to find information about taxes for artists/Small art businesses.

Jane Smith says:

great video great msg. at the end. very cool…ive always loved art and never pursued it because I didn’t think making a living with it was possible… but I’ve been using a sketch book I got for Christmas and have been inspired by some of these art videos here on YouTube. thanks for the advice and encouraging words.

peace and love to all

just a fan says:

you deserve everything…

Adam Laban says:

Awesome video! I feel it’s a very positive way to go about creating art. I am also an artist from a reservation. The thing I noticed is whenever money becomes my motive I feel like my creativity gets blocked. All of a sudden, I lose motivation and that’s when it seems to be a burden. So what helps me is, doing it for the love of art and being able to share my experiences through my art and truly expressing myself! Great work!

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