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5 Ways To Make Money Online As An Independent Rapper
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Artists, we are all familiar with the usual suspects when it comes to us earning money off of our music: merch, shows, and digital sales. However, I wanted to share 5 rarely talked about outlets that will allow you to start monetizing your brand and music today! If you know of any please sure in the comments below!

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Curtiss King
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Rafael Concepcion says:

Nice! Keep uploading idol!

Tam& Tiff says:

Great advice, thank you again….

donnie welch says:


Trae Fittz says:

Yo Curtiss, Thanks alot for making all these videos. I’ve watched a Handful of them & your advice is really helpful. I had to subscribe.

Austen Hartwell says:

here’s some engagement

Chance Burkett says:

Good shit my dude!!! Been watching for about 2 weeks very helpful bro thank you.

Youngwillofficial says:

can someone tell me whats the point of selling music thats available for free. If you got a song for free download on soundcloud and that same song will be for sale on itunes why would someone download the song you pay for instead of the free one on soundcloud. its either your a stupid person you got more money than you know what to do with. or you just really wanna support the artist. But still i feel like not all music should be for free. some should only be bought while others are free.

Tosa Kalah says:

Option 5 is affiliate marketing, very smart way to have an extra stream of incomez

The Poet says:

thanks for the upload

yptpope says:

this vid is sooo helpful. thanks for sharing b/c i honestly just want give my music away to help others but not generating money makes it harder to be consistent with it. thanks again n may God continually bless u. luv ya!!!

mayderek13 says:

Thank you bro.

ClutchMove Dayo says:

it really helped me realized some stuff i didnt kno as a rapper, thx curtiss u jus got an new fan bruh keep it up

Hell Shellz says:


Demetrius Wimberly says:

vital info fam

chris brown says:

Good info!!!

Offkey Beats says:

Money comment…
Get paid homie!

Daniel Felder says:

Thanks. Dis was some good shit.

Way says:

DJ Khaled?

Barry Harris says:

Whats up brother. Just had to give u props on the knowledge ur sharing. Its not just the information given but the sincerity u give the information with. Im an older rapper/aspiring producer and u really inspired me. Thanks my brother!

Coii Coii says:

appreciate the knowledge

FreeGod Sa'Vii says:

Appreciate the knowledge!

Al L Watkins says:

This is so important !

AcirkA musik_fitness says:

keep the excellent work, bro!


thanks for the infos

Bravo The Great says:

good info

agthaog1986 says:

what abotu 5 ways to make monet online as a producer

Danny Ray says:

New music on my channel.

Eduardo Espinoza says:


The Real Genrokka says:

Good INfo

antonio flores says:

Good shit bro

Charles Brown says:

Yo man I do appreciate the ideas your giving wish it was more hip hop advisors like you out there but I’m starting my music career next month and will continue to follow your approach to making more residual … keep working bro

buck wheat says:

Love the video. Trying to learn about the rap game for some friends and this was great.

Drew Matrix says:

Very smart man. You know what your doing and i appreciate that. Your mindset is different, good job man i hope all goes well and you get bigger. Much love

Jeffery Bunting says:

This is great knowledge thanks!

Enoch YungEnoch says:

much luv brotha

kenneth sargent says:

Thanks man. very helpful !!

MembersOnlyP says:

every video is a jewel.I really appreciate you for taken ya time an sharing ya wisdom.keep doing it because u keep us on our toes an help us grow.thanks my guy.

iAmGello says:

Man, these are the most helpful videos on the internet.You’re a blessing man. I can’t stop watching them. Roscoe the Taco lollll #StayHumble man, you have a gift

Ms Angel GrittersFirstLady says:

Thank you for all the helpful advice!!

Troy Lira says:

The respect for you is so high. Thank you for this info!!!

TEDO says:

great advice man. Helped me out a lot

TJ Lanier says:

Great information. Love the way your mind works.

Alex Mac says:


Kamani Kingdom says:

Really appreciated this video. It was helpful.

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