BETTER THAN PPC (Make Money with CPA Affiliate Offers) | better than ppc make money with cpa affiliate offers




Preezy Fibonacci says:

We have the same affiliate manager lol

Malik Hall says:

I also watched your lead generation vid are those strategies still up to date?

Tanner J Fox says:

just bought it! would love to see the progress on one of your videos for an affiliate offer. Like the profit made from the video offer on the hydroxy cut alternative.

Jay Gutierrez says:

Thanks a lot for the info… What tool are you using to be able to see the search volume?

Nan Ville says:

How did you get “Volume 201,000” for your keyword pop up at 5:51 of the video? Thanks!

Oliver says:

Hot chick behind you at Costco

Malik Hall says:

Hey Paul I’m a beginner to the affiliate marketing world,any courses you can recommend?

Chris Orlando says:

I never thought you could make much running CPA or affiliate offers on videos. If you pump out a few videos a day that rank, what’s a ballpark monthly commission you could make? (Obviously it would vary based on the offer/traffic). Just trying to gauge if it’s worth my time. Thanks!

B Collinz says:

Can you tell us how you got the cute affiliate manager. lol

Levi Johnson says:

Nothing is better than PCP. Hizzah! O_o

Debbie Craig says:

im just curious as to how long this product will be good… say if i buy now but don’t use right away… how long before google says …. uhhhh no or if the concept/idea will hold. i guess im showing my ignorance about video. And if it is possible to do other things besides cpa offers, like amazon products?

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