Black Friday – Make Money With Affiliate Marketing And Holiday Sales

black friday ONLINE sales are expected to hit 3.54 BILLION DOLLARS this year.

here;s how to get in on the action!


malbusterjam says:

Hey. I’m trying to get were you’re be at.

Thomas Ledford says:

tried to go setup hubsite throught software but it won’t let me create a plus account through the software

Chad Aaker says:

Could you describe what the high ticket course will provide that the simple course doesn’t have?

cee dee says:

black friday ads currently has 40,600,000 google results

quickfinds quickfinds says:

Are the domain name and hosting prices include in your offer?

Rozy says:

Is click funnels suitable for a single page to sell and then direct them to the product website ?

Gavr says:

hey i remember you mentioning a website where you can try creating your own merch forgot where i saw it and what it was called any chance you know what im referring to

D G says:

!*!*!*!**!*!**!How can a “millionare” have a simple little website…. that DOSEN’T WORK…?!?! TALK TO ME MARCUS…I PAID FOR YOUR SERVICES… LET’S GO!*!*!*!*!*!**!*!*!*!

MrGreat42 says:

The money is out there….

Brian Welsh says:

2.5mill is a number I could live with!

Steven Simpson says:

Hi Links still not working in the simple sites big profits

FloridaBoy Bushcraft & Survival says:

Marcus, I am looking at the High Ticket Niches package. I want to make it work and am motivated. After I sign up how long will it take to get it going?

BrownDogIsInTheHouse says:

Hello thank you for a very informative webinar. As an approximate percentage, how many people will actually purchase an item from a website from those who actually click on the article advertising that item. Of course it will vary a lot, I am just looking for kind of an order of magnitude. For example will it be hundred people visit and one will click or 1000 people visit and one will click . Thank you for any input.

Jay Nolan says:

Hi Marcus I checked out some of the keyword search you suggested with low competition and on googles 1st page I see no ads but on page 2 they may have 7 ads, 3rd may have one. What would cause this and how to avoid being put on anything but page 1.

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