Can You Make Money Online With Affiliate Review Sites?

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in this video marcus talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly of affiliate marketing review sites.

can you really profit with review sites? is it a good method for affiliate marketing? are review sites ethical?

find out in this video


Terry Stone says:

I wonder how do you feel about someone like deadbeat super affiliate since in his course he says to buy and test the product first before you review it?

Terry Stone says:

I won’t lie I use to be in WA and spent A LOT of money. They do teach you golden nuggets, however, when I saw websites being built to review all of these different courses and talking down about them even though they never even joined just to upsell WA that’s when I got pissed, threw away the money I spent there and walked out. Glad I found this group and thank you so much for coming out with this video.

yellow6100 says:

So many bottom feeders in niche like poker sites reviews . Some crappy site is always better -it just Happens to be the site that gives affiliates the most.

Primal Income says:

You are totally right about the Fake Reviews. It has become an increasing problem too google for quality products, software mostly, as all the top results are usually crowded with sponsored content with the sole intent to sell.

LockedHome says:

Good video. So… the morel of the story is keep working and don’t cut corners. S%$t

PassionToRise says:

I’m literally loving the content you’re producing. Keep ’em coming !!!!

Gracetina Ogu-Ububa says:

I use WA and would say I love their training method. What you have done is to try and criticise a company and a lot of people have been helped by this company. They have a simplistic way to teach a new beginner to become a good affiliate. You may think you are doing a bad thing talking about this company but your so called negative review is actually promoting them. Guy WA is really a nice company to join and if you need info go to

ColumbusGeorgiaMan says:

Hey Mr. Campbell, please help me understand something…how do you promote any affiliate or affiliate link…i mean…when you promote an affiliate or affliate link do you have to buy another domain name for each affiliate or affiliate link you promote??? i mean do you have to have seperate domain names for each landing page…squeeze page…when is it necessary to buy seperate domain names when promoting affiliate offers

gkp says:

So, what’s the site that was dubbed out?

jeta45 says:

Interesting video. The animations take away from the subject.

yellow6100 says:

WELCOME TO THE SWAMP ! -good intro haha

Nick Perhai says:


I haven’t seen you post anything in awhile. I hope you’re safe with Hurricane Irma since you reside in Florida. I pray that we all see you again!

Brian Welsh says:

Love the delivery Marcus! You are a one off!!!

Ivan says:

Really liked some of your other videos.
This one was pretty salty, though. :/

benbezabrozo says:

Hey Marcus I love ur honest approach

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