Drop Shipping To Europe — How To Make Money Dropshipping To Europe | #085

Today’s episode is all about drop shipping and how to make money dropshipping to Europe.

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Sam hettema says:

Hi, What do you think about dhgate? there delivery times are faster? im from the netherlands but if i look to aliexpress they dont have ecpacket for my country, but on dhgate they have but the suppliers dont have many feedback so i dont no if i can trust them to dropship for me.


Ivana Baglama Papež says:

I am from
Europe, and I just opened a shopify store and had my first 4 sales to US. If I
were to sell in Europe, I think that I should have some other payment gateway
other than PayPal, because Europeans are more into credit cards than PayPal.
2checkout is the only option available for Croatia (that’s where I am from),
but to be accepted to 2checout, I have to have a registered business, right? Are
there some other things that are different when selling to European market?

JimmyPrice808 says:

Hey Till, Can you make a video on why you chose the free plus shipping method as opposed to selling high ticket items? I don’t completely understand how you make money using your method

Philipp Klinkner says:

Hey Till,
wie findest du die Items z.B. auf AliExpress, die mit DHL Global für 1 bis 2 Dollar mehr verschickt werden? Ich finde nur Items, bei denen die DHL kosten enorm sind (+40 Dollar und mehr!)

Würde mich freuen von dir zu hören. Super Content, mach weiter so!


Jamie Ludlow says:

Is this now out of date? I can only see DHL Express as a postage option to UK which is always about £40-50! Should we just use ePacket when shipping to the UK/Europe too?

Thomas Badras says:

hey , what is the maximum deliver time that you advise (for europe) , 12 to 22 days its too much ? somebody below has already asked the question but how do yo do for use DHL in a cheap way if you want to deliver fast ? i can’t see DHL’s prices under 30 dollars ,,,, Thanks

Mossab Balatif says:

Hi Till, Thanks for all videos. I Have a question for you … What is the payement methods you recommended for shopify stores. Thank you 🙂

John Ny says:

I’m from Austria so this is incredibly valueable for me. “This isn’t possible in europe” has always been a huge limiting belief for me. I’d love more topics including europe. But of course, you have an international audience. Maybe just throw an europe related video in there every once in a while.

ThisIsSene C.Silviu says:

Epack now available on biggest Countries but still not many Aliexpress supllier are not aware or didnt want to use it/offer it on thier stores…but yeah since january 23 eu countries signed in peace

Andreas Holt says:

All of the suppliers I’ve contacted so far, offers ePacket to Denmark, but for $2. If my product costs $2 and shipping costs $2, that will be $4 in total.
Plus you gotta think about Facebook Ads etc.
So maybe it will end up costing me $7 per sale.

If I do free+shipping, that set the shipping price to for example $8, I will only have a $1 profit.

How do I deal with this?

Ron Dadula says:

Hello I’m from UK I have been thinking to open up a shopify stores to supplement my income. Do I have to create more than one shopify stores to market my products internationally? for example if I want to open in the UK Is that means I could only market the products in the UK? Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Janel P. Phillip says:


Son of Everything DC & Marvel says:

what I’ve found out aswell is allot of the times they don’t have an epacket delivery for Europe as a option but if you personally ask them, they’ll say they have it just not listed for whatever reason.

like for myself, i needed to ship to us&canada and uk but they didn’t have uk listed. so i asked them and they all supported uk epacket

Andreas Holt says:

Is DHL Global available for Denmark? I’ve looked at so many products, and not a single supplier offers it. The fastest option is ePacket to Denmark, and it takes 15-21 days. Do you think that’s too long?

Devin Beverage says:

When you say that your store is in Germany – you mean that you are marketing to German customers… right? In that case, those located in the US might have a better chance with a store that targets customers in other countries then? I get the impression that the US is already a crowded market.

Nelson Jerónimo says:

A video shot in Portugal… well done!

Gergely Sárfi says:

Hey Till! Could you speak a few words about legal requirements and taxes related to dropshipping? I am from Hungary, and I am interested in EU and US too. Thanks a lot and have a nice day!

Presley Dev says:

What’s the url for your store ?

Rocky Reynolds says:

How can I trust a man that thinks walking in tall grass is to wild lol

Romain w says:

hey ! thanks for the contain, i would like to know You spoke about DHL global if i want to send some packet from china, but when i check the prices for DHL express on alieexpress for this option its often very expensive , something like 10 to 30 dollard for any items, you spoke about only two dollard of fees no? may be there is a difference between DHL express and DHL global ?

Steff Peeters says:

Whenever I look on AliExpress for DHL, it’s €35-50+ shipping…….

brahim fannan says:

hi, thanks for all videos I have a question do you translate you stores to German or you use english only, I want to try europe market but I can only speak english and french ?

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