Easy Ways to Make Money as a Teen!

I hope that you all found this helpful! If you have any other money-making tips, comment them down below! 🙂

So the last tip that I forgot to include was tutoring! I have friends that tutor who make up to $30 an hour! In my opinion, tutoring someone at least 2-3 years younger than you would be ideal, but you could have fellow classmates in need of it as well!

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bijaya ghimiray says:

i love this video thank you for teaching me ideas plz replay….

Beta-Imax GMZ says:

My parent don’t do anything so I end up doing all the chores in the house and I haven’t been paid in three years. They only reply with anger for the dumbest of things like suggesting to cook something healthier, but my sister insults them and gets away every single time, this morning I was grounded for telling my mom that my grandmother helped us out when I was younger. However my sister talked back to my mom and she gets nothing, See what’s going on here, I get ground for remembering something and she is spoiled after insulting my mother , that is sexist and my doesn’t even care enough to see the difference that is BS

Jason Grygier says:

Wegmans grocery store hires 15

Brianna Snyder says:

sell drugs

James Brown says:

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Katie Neumann says:

These are really unoriginal..

christian lanner says:

Lol I found a better way, steal you’re parents credit card ! ….. Jk dont

Briniyah Finkley says:

my mom don’t pay us to do chores she says we get to live and eat for free so the least we can do is clean.

Queen Casalenda says:

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Kswizzy says:

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Estelle Hatcher says:

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Asvathama Borde says:

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YourGuideToTheUniverse says:

Chug the bleach

Dallas Swanson says:

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Cailyn M says:

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md mahabub says:

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Charlie Finnamore says:

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Rose Ferrin says:

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PeaNuT says:

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i loved them all says:


Katie Butler says:

do you have to have a like permit to babysit like i have no clue lol

Ryam Simro says:

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Josey Herrah says:

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Eric Williams says:

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Latanya Khissy says:

for the babysitting, what is a reasonable hourly price?

Ally Butler says:

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Micayla Rae says:

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Patricia Rossman says:

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Angieisnotoriginal Mendoza says:

I don’t think I can really do any of these since I’m 13, don’t have anyone I could babysit, and I’m not particularly good at any art. Maybe I’ll make a blog. Don’t think I’d do very well with it, us that takes forever to get a following

maximus bailey says:

I’m a 14 year old guy and I live to babysit my niece but I’ve learned that lots of mom’s don’t trust Boys to watch their children which in my opinion is bullshit.

i loved them all says:

I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!

Emily Inoue says:

How much do you make a month from it

Randy Brooks says:

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Jake Prince Of The Universe says:

It’s my birthday

King Tee says:


Gnomes Are Gay says:

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Gold Rose777 says:

Your so pretty I want to be just like you when I am older!!

Bianca Plays says:

How old is she?

Just Jada says:

I’m only 11 but I’m turning 12 In Feb. I really want to babysit and just recently moved to a new state in a HUGE city! I’m going to do flyers and stuff obviously and I wish I could but I’m not aloud to do any of the paid serverys

sean carroll says:

heres a good way:

buy 500 magnets in bulk(you get them cheaper)

goto the nearest eletrican or real estate agent and charge lke 100$ each magnet to put their info on the magnets so you can sell them

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