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Hello everyone, The_Baltazar is here. Today i want to talk about G2A I want to share with you people, how to earn some Extra money with this site very simple. This site is very famous espescially on twitch and its all about selling games very cheap. You can find link of this site below this video, in description. Any time somebody buy game from your referial link, you will earn 100% profit of that game. Also if guy who bought game from your link, gives somebody referial to buy game, you will earn 60% of that profit, and if 2nd guy gives somebody referial, you will earn 40%. Its really amazing. Once they buy game from your referial, you will earn whenever they buy game again on this site. You can share referial link with your freinds on facebook or facebook groups. Also if you have big facebook page or website or a lot of followers on twitter, you can just share your referial link where ever you want and earn extra money very easy. You can get payment trough paypal or skrill but i prefere PayPal.

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Адилхан Касенов says:


ahmad saleh says:

wait a min!!!! do u earn money when we click on the link???????

jorge montero says:

This also serves to Venezuela?

Subuh Only says:


Zhanibek Khuseinov says:

балта можно по-русский ? у тебя ведь тоже много русско язычных зрителей. ты сам тоже вроде серб.

Alexus Ritz Gelacio says:

who play summoners war?

The Prototypes says:


Danilo Campos says:

eu so seu grande fã

Thepinga TV says:

pls Rasta

Danilo Campos says:

Baltazar vc e melhor no dota ..

Олжас Алимбаев says:

You have a really strong accent.

pepito sancho says:

baltazar ty

ali rahal says:

can i use this money in steam?

ahmad saleh says:

ur voice and accent like mafia people 😀 ty

Mr Nice Guy says:

This is a pretty hard sellout for something so irrelevant to your channel. Are they holding your family hostage, or do you just have no shame and no respect for your viewers?

Ansari Sariff says:

finally i heard your voice.m hehe

Pablo Marcelo Melgarejo says:

Hi Baltazartv hace poco me suscribi pero casi siempre veo tus videos este video no podrias subtitularlo en español estaria genial muchas gracias

Pistol Pete says:


Mohamed Amer says:


KAOZSS says:

The legendary Baltzar in voice!

Yuri Andrei Bondad says:

can u speak in ur video

Lacey Hayward says:

If they sign up as your referral, do you get credit for everything they buy?

Brad Pitt says:

Where is dota man:(

Kashish Jain says:

Love u baltazar 😀

Bruno Andres Padilla Navarro says:


Ася Аверцева says:

I adore you!

hibox1981 says:

the first times here your voice, and I expect to see your face , hehe

ryan benales says:

dude what version of dota are you using in your vids?

Gemes says:

что то новенькое но не понятно мне епта )

PitLord says:

your accent like a russian who try speak english)

Fabio Bejarano says:

viva dendi

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