Hobbies that Make Money – Earn $50k/Year Selling Crafts on Etsy!

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Are you trying to figure out which are the hobbies that make money? The good news is that you don’t need a “special” hobby that is particularly profitable. ANY hobby can be profitable, because any hobby gives you things that you can sell to make money. You just need to brainstorm what items or skills you have developed, created or acquired through your hobby that you can sell to others for a profit.

IDEA 1: Sell items you’ve created through your hobby

When people ask me which are the hobbies that make money, a lot of people tell me that jewelry making seems good because you hear a lot of stories about people who sell the jewelry they make. And the answer I give them is yes – this is a great hobby to have. There is a huge market online for handmade crafts like jewelry. But not just jewelry: There are lots of online crafts that sell well.

In the video, I show you a great site called Etsy (http://www.etsy.com). This is a site specifically set up for people who are talented with crafts. There are successful Etsy sellers making a full-time income, such as Megan Lee who in 2011 made over $50,000 in profit. And since then, her income has online climbed. She has turned crafts into one of the hobbies that make money.

You don’t just have to limit selling your crafts to online outlets like Etsy. You can get a stall at your local market and sell offline too. This is an especially great idea if you like baking.

IDEA 2: Sell items you’ve acquired through your hobby

Some hobbies required things. If you’re into computers, you’ll need computer parts. If you’re into cars, you’ll need car parts. And when you’re a fan of this hobby, you tend to develop ways of acquiring the things you need for your hobby cheaply, to save yourself some money.

Well: How about instead of keeping the items you acquire cheaply, you sell them for a profit?

In this video, I use an example hobby of mine: Magic the Gathering. Through this hobby I’ve developed ways of finding cheap Magic the Gathering collectible cards. Instead of keeping these cheap cards for yourself, you could resell them again for a profit, and turn it into one of the hobbies that make money.

IDEA 3: Sell skills you’ve developed through your hobby.

Lots of hobbies let you develop skills that others need. Why not sell these skills to others? In the video, I used an example of pet sitting. People have turned animals into being one of the hobbies that make money by pet sitting for others.

I also showed how people were listing on Craiglist different skills they had to offer, such as fixing cars. And the great thing about Craiglist is you don’t even need a website. You can create a listing and sell directly through that (though a website is always helpful to make you look more professional).

Now you need to brainstorm which of these three ideas suits you best. If you have a craft hobby, you’ll probably want to resell the items you make. If you have a collectible hobby, you’ll want to sell the items you acquire. And if you have a skill-based hobby, you’ll want to sell the skills you have developed.

One of the benefits of turning your interests into being one of the hobbies that make money, is that you get to earn an income from doing the things you love. This can have a downside though: Oftentimes it isn’t the most profitable thing you can sell. But it is usually the most fun!

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Christopher Davis says:

Great idea I have a friend that makes Hand made bracelets so will check etsy out for here…Awesome information on this video.

BombaStickization says:

Thanks !

Truth Prod says:

or do it old fashion grab aone friends make a stand sell your product and make some. money money dolla dolla bills

XdarzethX - Roblox & More! says:


Best Local Businesses says:

Very interesting video on Hobbies that Make Money.  Thanks for sharing

Brian Bo Jensen says:

its not legal to sell hobby skills in my country 🙁

Cat Sitter NYC says:

great way to make money. getting your free ebook

Xcaliber Custom Gaming says:

I call BS. No way you’ll ever make 10,000$ online in the manor your talking about.

Mar.ioTrout Kyle says:

if I got 1 dollar everytime someone needed computer help I would be rich

Rhondajune Maxwell says:

It’s not as easy on etsyas this video makes it seem. You really need to craft unique useful items that aren’t already saturating this niche market to make it profitable and even then as others start to catch on to your well selling items then next thing you know they will have there etsy store up selling there versions of your hard work! It’s dog eat dog!

KountryCuz1 says:

nice video , I build Cigar Box Guitars and Wood Working Art

Eboni Matson says:

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Roz K says:

If you read up some very negative reviews about Etsy you will find it is not the gold mine that this video makes it out to be. It’s not easy, the competition is off the chart.

RachelRose__ says:

Well I’m a equestrian sooo….hmmm

TheLaydewlf says:

what she fails to mention in the video is that places like etsy and fairs/markets are over saturated with many kinds of crafters, like jewelry for instance. when the market becomes saturated and new people come into the arena, they tend to not learn out to properly price their items so as to make a reasonable profit. they just want the sale not matter the cost or loss of income it creates. this is called undercutting and demeans the whole market. those that don’t know how to properly figure their retail and wholesale prices soon go in the hole and when they aren’t making all this money in the first few months to a year, they give up and are out all the money invested. it takes a lot of studying and USUALLY about 3 years for a business to turn a real profit.

FoxFraidNot says:

What can I do with fruits and natural herbs?

Austin Drapen says:

what if my hobby is stabbing underwater statues with foam stalagtites?? how would I make money off of that?

Jo King says:

My hobbie is fishing

Matt Gant says:

It amazes me that with the right information you can really take care of yourself. Thanks for sharing this!!

Sutton Frances says:

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Chris Eleam says:

That was so interesting I never knew that there was such a big
market in making hobbies.

Randy Parsley says:

Etsy is a pretty awesome place.

Grammar Police says:

What about skateboarding?

LearningDaily says:

awesome video thanks

Steve Sleeper says:

wow this is cool!

isitebuild says:

Good info on how to make money from items you have created from your hobby

seeamerica1 says:

Anyone downloaded this? Did you make $10,000 in a month?

Ivabella Drawing Amazing says:

Thanks for this Great info

Kasey Masom says:

I do dance and there is a yard sale where I live twice a year I also make rubber band bracelets in original cool designs but I don’t think anyone would pay, if they would how much should. Sell them for?
Please respond!

SC_ _DA_BOSS says:

i have no money to begin with, how to start?

Charles Boulais says:

I never thought you could make so much with crafts and etsy!

Adrian Manyathelo says:

Awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing

Mac Kelly says:

I LOVE your accent. Wow :)))

James G Rivera says:

Really good info, thanks.

William Wynn says:

Is this going to be like the other sites I have found? I paid $300 to join a club. Then you can list ads for the products.
Like on eBay or whatever. This company had a huge stockpile of stuff. Say you were to buy one of something.
It may cost $30. IF you buy 10 you pay $25 You buy 50 and you pay $20. So if you do not buy a huge amount of crap you really do not get a great deal. Just for kicks I went to eBay and looked at a few things. Most everything that I looked at I could have gotten off of eBay cheaper than I could get from this company. And saved my $300. Besides that when I looked up an item several popped up. A couple dozen seller selling the exact same item. So is this going to be the same as described above ?

John Deckard says:

Whoa, as a MTG fanboy myself I was pleasantly surprised by this video 😉

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