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In this video I share with you what not to do in your dropshipping business. Dropshipping is one of the easiest ways to generate income online, however you can still end up with a negative profit if you’re not careful.

1. Selling an item for less than what you can purchase it for.

To avoid this you want to check your drop ship pricing and inventory levels daily. If you dont have time to check yourself consider hiring someone from to do this for you.

2. Selling items that are similar but not the same.

Make sure you only ship the exact item that you have listed. You’re just asking for trouble by selling similar but not the same items. You may be able to trick a few people but you can’t trick them all.

3. selling backorder items.
Never ever do it. Just wait until you know 100% that the item is in stock. One of the best way to assure inventory levels is to work with a supplier.

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4. Amazon and ebay scammers.
You need to learn early how to fight back against these people. How you handle them throughout your dropshipping career makes big difference on the amount of income you will receive.

5. Lack and inactivity
This is a simple fix but it can kill your business before it even starts if your not carefull. You need to run your business like your life depends on it. You can seriously make life changing income on ebay and amazon by just doing the small things right and in a timely matter.

Overcoming the above is the difference between a seller who makes it and those who give up with the notion that dropshipping does not work. Dropshipping on eBay, Amazon or shopify is something anyone can do you just need to assure you have the right system in place when doing it. Ds Domination can provide you with a system that works by just following short step by step video training on how to dropship online.

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Justin Castleman says:

If I have 2000 listing on eBay, that I plan on drop shipping. How can I track my inventory for listing on eBay, to make sure there available or to know if the price hasn’t went up????  What’s the best app or program to manage inventory???

Bobby Curl says:

Today I watched your video and two others. I seen all kinds of negative feed back. Im going to try this today, because I like Americans shareing good ideas. May 3 , 2017 is the day I started. I will get back to you as things progress or not. You three guys that helped me get pumped to do it , You Rock. My success will be due to my doing. these guys shareing are the real success.

Carlos Sanches says:

Good video brother. TKS
I actually want to start my own website to have my own thnig going. Do you have any advice on a good website developer? thank you in nadvance for your reply

Tanisha Adjo says:

Great video

dfkdsf dfdf says:

what do you do when the supplier receives the wrong product back ??? how do you fight that ??

Aisen says:

really good information, thanks!

Todd Shillington says:

I am very critical of people doing these videos, but you my friend are very good! Thank you for the info.

longgest le says:

real talk

Rexon Beats says:

Hey Otto,
Im thinking of starting a ” Street clothing / jewelry ” business. Im going to be selling Snapbacks, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Jewelry ( Such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches etc. ), Teeth Grillz, Music Popfilters etc. Basically anything that is urban / street-ish. Would that make profit and what audience should I aim at? Streetwear is kinda big audience, and I cant figure out the best audience to aim at. Thanks! Love your videos 🙂

Tanisha Adjo says:

I got the email like that about it was trademarked

virtuous beauty says:

to become a drop shipper do I set up an account as a seller? how do I affiliate?

Angelica Banks says:

Yes please make a video how to fight back

Greg Davis says:

Good information, thanks

boaz levinson says:

great info man , thanks

Marketing King says:

Excellent Video! Thank you…great information.

Wes Aspinall says:

The Tai reference earned you a subscription my man.

محمد القدوسي للتقنية says:

i heared that Dropshipping is not allowed on ebay anymore, is that right? and what about labelling

Markus Hagen says:

Great video, learned a lot. There is just one thing i want to know. When a buyer returns a product, on which address the buyer has to send it? On my address (I live o my home) or to manufacturer (+ dropshipper) address?

slapbass7605 says:

Very valuable information.  I am researching how to start form the ground up.  Do you have any videos on how to start and who to start with?

steve hickmott says:

Hi , Otto i just started dropshipping using W2b , Website plan in the perfume , fragrance category i just added my ssl certificate, and i just had my site google registered and added google analytics to track tfaffic, So now i want to increase my traffic as it is not getting much and is live for 2.5 weeks now and still no conversions, what do you recommend to help traffic get to my site what kind of seo can i do to help? You mentioned before you have the web site plan with W2b and that your web site was killing it, What did you do to get orders? Thanks in advance, Steve.

Michele Smith says:

Great information. Thank you for your time.

Dekhari Quizzon says:

Hey what’s the top items to sell to make profit off of? Reply please

Bobby Curl says:

Good job man.

Kyle Patterson says:

Great video man. You seem like a genuine dude and the info was important and easy to understand. I am just starting to try drop shipping. I am starting with trying to sell items on Ebay from sites like Everbuying. Going to list my first item today. If it takes off I will eventually create my own website. I appreciate you taking the time to make this video and I am glad I watched it first.

Pete Rose says:

$uccess is imminent.

MS says:

When dropshipping items from aliexpress how do I get my own brand number one, and number two how do I get my branding on those items I am selling? I have not started dropshipping yet. Just now about to start. I am a Ebay seller. So much to learn. Want to avoid mistakes. Setting up my own website today as well. Thanks! Melanie

big white guru says:

I just sold a g shock watch that was differnt models and had return so yes don’t sell similar items and already had 4 scammers since I been. doing this for 2 weeks on ebay

tilini says:

only good scammer is a…

date more women 100% !! says:

thank you x

Best eBay Dropshipping Software says:

You can lose money…just part of the game, but if you know what you’re doing you will make way more than you lose

savvas soteriou says:

Subbed after you said praise God haha



Rebecca Mendez says:

r u still involved w ds domination

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