How I Made $45,000 in 7 DAYS – My Affiliate Marketing Story

In this video I share my story of how I made over $45,000 passive income in a single week with Affiliate Marketing (96.15% PROFIT). I explain the basics of affiliate marketing and also how YOU can get started with affiliate marketing today for FREE.

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In this video I answer the MOST POPULAR affiliate marketing questions including:
– What is Affiliate Marketing? And how does it work?
– How much money can you make with Affiliate Marketing?
– How to make passive income online?
– How much money do you need to get started with affiliate marketing?
– Why Affiliate Marketing is BETTER than Amazon FBA, Dropshipping, Stock Market trading, forex trading, etc.
– Why affiliate marketing is the best source of passive income online.
– What is the BEST way to get started with affiliate marketing for beginners?

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Karlo Turić says:

I get it , reviews, but where did he get that many headphones ? those are not cheap

Nelson Mandel says:

Do you have a course?

Pids Me says:


Jayvone Severin says:

I just realized I could’ve been putting links in my youtube videos on my other channel that’s gets a lot of views…..

Dhamesh Savaliya says:

it is a great video.
I have a question:-
I am from India. I make an affiliate website for amazon FBA. My country location is effect my business.

Gamers Club Nepal says:

Do you make 45000 dollars every week?

大衛Bigdavid says:

Thank you for your great video. I want to start to make some passive income too.
where can I start first Could you please give me some hits? By the way, I base in Hong Kong is it a good place to start?

Bauss says:

amazing ROI on those ads… was that from clickbank? the 40k.

volkgal says:

Thank you. I’ll do my thing and get back at you. Very excited!

Arkadipta Saha says:

Does it matter if I leave in India??
I mean the profit margin…

Tom Wang says:

Great video man. This is what I can TRANSPARENCY

AJ creation says:

I am from India can I sell affiliate products to USA people

Veronica's Reviews says:

Ur amazing, N such a big inspiration… I luv watching Ur videos cuz U always explain everything in details… LUV it!

LBrobie says:

i realize how personal this is, but how much income tax to you owe in a year? this is basically a hypothetical question, but i always wonder about income tax in a situation like this. no one ever talks about taxes….

Alain Merville says:

Hey great content!! What platform are you using to distribute your course? Teachable? Thinkific?

Olga Figueroa says:

Hello…new subscriber here. Is this video still true today?

nilayan moodley says:

45000$ revenue or profit? Those aren’t the same (Profit is money left after costs)

44hotnews says:

Hi! I gave THUMBS Up and subscribed to your channel. I want to be your student. Let me know please how can I do it? My email: Thanks

Muhamad Hapis says:

Such a great explanation that allow me to understand clearly about this, thank you so much for providing us a valuable insight. Hopefully I could join your course to learn this skills..

khush patel says:

Lol Amazon fba 20 percent profit margin. I make at 40 to 60 profit margin on each product. But I like affiliate marketing as well just saying that is a lie

Fredi Ven says:

hi bro,thanks for sharing this. first of all,congrats for your success. your life is our dream as an affiliate marketer.. i wanna tell a little bit about my story. i know affiliate marketing since 2007. when people dont even know what the hell is afflmarekting is, i have become a cj member,amazon, and clickbank. and now, i am maxbounty and peerfly affilate too. but sadly is, i am not success like you, im still strugling,failing, spending a lot money for 0, because i am still finding the best way to promote. im kind of desperate now, maybe u can help me out

ITzDC TV says:

Life must be lit for you! working at home and living the dream!YOU EARNED IT BRO KEEP GRINDING!

monia maamer says:

good job thank you

John Lins says:

I am only 13 and I started an online business and made $5,500.00

Sam Lozano says:

Ive sent you a few questions on instagram.

Rose Rose says:

your course is closed now, I just wanted to learn how much your course costs?

Bauss says:

did u buy the stuff to review??

Ev O says:

Can i do it with only a FB page ?

Sneak & Hunt says:

Hey odi!! Thank you so much for the videos and lots of them actually really helps me learn the basic of aff marketing!!

I would like to ask, how do you actually get paid through PayPal when you doing aff on Amazon? Coz when I signing up account, it’s actually don’t have any opinions choosing PayPal as payment method. I have done some research and there is a company call “Payoneer” than can help while I’m in Australia. Looking forward to receive you reply mate, thank tou

Salleh Hussin says:

Hi ODi yours is the best Affiliate Training I’v ever seen. Your ” Over-The-Shoulder ” video tutorial not really teach by other mentors or gurus. You not only teach by just talking but really showing us how to do it properly by letting us see the ways how you yourself doing it personally in front of the computer. Well Done ODi, keep it up with more ” Over-The-Shoulder ” VIDEO TUTORIAL.

Майя Коновалова says:

Hiya, checking for money making methods online. You will get to learn more tips to make money online. Just go to google and type: “TheMakeMoneyOnlinePro”.

Najiba Wajiha Mahboob says:

Great video.

YouTube Channel: Najiba Wajiha Mahboob


Tiah Tuku says:

thanks for taking time to inspire so many people like me. I need to learn how to start my business as a affiliate marketer

Jarrett Beauchesne says:

hey Odi! Quick question. How long did it take you to go from having just started to the point where you’re at now? I see other affiliate marketers using just blog posts or email marketing to achieve their success but I like your model. You make youtube videos and then link the review to your websites which links to amazon (or whatever affiliate link that you desire).

ODi Productions says:

UPDATE! Just launched my first FREE Affiliate Marketing 101 course. Sign up instantly here:
PS. Make sure to THUMBS UP this Comment so others can see!

Sarfaraj Ahmed says:

i am confused can anyone see, his Facebook ads the end date is dated as oct 24, 2014 and all? Confused

Beauty Reborn says:

Apart from courses on affiliate marketing, do you have any other courses relating to e-commerce?

Fact Info says:

Thanks for sharing your income that is recieved in PayPal account it really motivated me but you haven’t showed that in the Amazon associates account.

raj m says:

Very encoranging video thanks for sharing 🙂
I found similar AM 100% FREE profit system literally does all the selling and for you so that you can literally just sit back, relax and earn commissions.

Marco Spinola says:

But Amazon affiliate pays with no Paypal , how is this possible?

Charles M. Charles says:

So inspiring thanks @ ODi Production, following your videos from the day i met you on youtube.

Free Kick12 says:

But how a I supposed to make videos or reviews about a product that I don’t have ?

Kent Berrame says:

You can also use our software with free LICENSE to start your ebusiness and emarketing skills for FREE!! ►►►►

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