How I made $5000 selling my art/photography how to online

► to buy prints and see my work.

Here are 5 ways you can make money online with your art or photography.
Selling your art on the internet is a great way to keep your budgets low and get yourself noticed.

Look at this scenario. I want to sell a piece of art for $500 so I take it to an art gallery. They usually take 50% of your profits for selling it in there gallery. If you sell that same piece online for $350 your customer saves $150 and you gain an extra $100. And you won’t be cash negative by having to buy the art upfront and wait for someone to buy it. If you sell it online you print it once you have someone who bought it and boom free money.

Here is a list of the websites I was showing you in the video for an example of what I have set up to sell my art.






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Nabil kellaci says:

Thanks so Much Bro ^^

Charlene Cox says:

Great tips. Thanks so much. I went to Google to do a BUY FINE ART search to see what came to the top and Fine Art America was 2nd . I like how they are set up. Didnt know about the 30.00 yr so thanks for that info. Looks like I have my work cut out for me.

Dejah Gabriel says:

How to make money off online

Keith Gerstung says:

Looks a lot like a Fine Art America promotional video!

TheOutbackman says:

Great work Brad. Thank you.

Clarie T says:

Thank you Brad. I’ve been searching for this information for days! I’ve subscribed to your channel but am new to interacting on YouTube so may not be in touch for a few days. This doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate you being there. Will be in touch soon.

lostintimeline says:

the site is a waste of time.i wanted to pay the premium membership and join.well 30 bucks for a year its not that much.But what kept me are the negative reviews i read over the net.Also when i go into their forums all i see is people complaining that they ve been to this site some for years and they didnt sell a thing.i only see one or 2 threads about people branging for their sales.But most of these threads are people who cannot sell
And another thing i ve read and i hope its not true is when you want to terminate the membership and not pay anymore they still charge you couse they dont reply you back ok thanks for joining us bye now bla bla
I think its pretty silly to invest your time and energy to a site who wants money just to storage your pictures and they dont promote your work at all.yes you have to do the promoting your shelf but some people dont have the time to go out there looking for buyers.
i ve been to some agencies and even though i trully hate their stupid rejections the one thing i like in to FA no dumb reviews and rejections,, yet i had sales in almost every one of them Unike with this site that for years now not one single why go and pay them each year 30 bucks? to make the owner rich and me gain nothing at all?
i dont want to discourage every one from joing the site i still believe it has potentials but unfo for now FA works good for few people only.
So dont expect to become rich like this guy did.

faiza bayou says:

You didn’t sell anything in this website, you are juste winning money as their affiliate.I’m in Fine art America for few years and never sell one work!!!

Joy Cayona says:

HI can a sell my photo even I’m in Asian or other part of the world? who can I get the payment? Or my sale? thanks

Darko Tasevski says:

Kudos for the video content! Excuse me for butting in, I would love your opinion. Have you heard about – Riddleagan Money Shot Remedy (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a smashing exclusive guide for getting paid from photography minus the normal expense. Ive heard some super things about it and my work colleague at very last got excellent results with it.

Kathy Trachuk says:

This was FABULOUS Info…I never even `knew`about these sites…and making a VIDEO of my ART and putting in on YOUTUBE!

Quaker Smith says:

This website will show you a quick and easy way to earn over 150 dollars per day online: JoxMoney. com


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Whatbettywore says:

thanks for the tips bro

Jordan Moorman says:

Brilliant. Thanks!

Mischief Maker says:

whats the best ‘Your Mark Up’ price do you suggest for photography sizes?

Bill Pruitt says:

hi, thanks for the video tutorial.. I am worried about people stealing the art. They only allow their watermark logo in the corner of the image? Thank you.

movies vedio says:

Cheers for the Video clip! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you tried – Riddleagan Money Shot Remedy (google it)? It is a great one off guide for getting paid from photography minus the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my work buddy finally got great success with it.

Milan Goranovic says:

There are a few things for earn money with pictures
Use you facebook and twitter accounts for promotion
Get your own blog
Join a suitable course or site for marketing photos
(I read these and the reasons they work on Hartlyn Photo Pro website )

Jacob Smith says:

If you want to quickly make over 1,000 dollars per week online then watch this video here: *MoneyHoot. com*

Jennifer Huegel-Giacoppo says:


Adriana Khodayari says:

It doesn’t work…plus they don’t show you what else to do…but they were fast to take your $30 for premium membership…

David Chase says:

Is the the web site that came from joining fine art america? I would like to know where I can go to up load my photo’s and paintings to get them on Prints etc. in order to sell them., Any suggestions?

Jad Fantakis says:

does it work all over the world or only in america ????

Jamie Lee Curtis says:

I’m from the UK. would I still be able to use this site?

Johny Huber says:

so easy selling art online. be your own boss and make good money

Victor Fernandes says:

I saw the video and I found it very intersisting. My question is: once I join the site do I mantain the copyriright of my images and wuld I be able to sell my photos on my website or any other olace I want?


champcash is great networking company install it and earn unlimited.Use refer id-8901538

Mc Awesomeness says:

Why not use snipping tool

MoortenJ says:

I just made 000000000.000 dollar in a year in Fine Art America! Almost topped the best sellers..not.

julianoeusobommesmo says:

Do not work. I try to find my picture, and cant find it , even using the name it does not show on my search. ….. not 1 sold.

Mirøslav Hristøff says:

Thank you for the video and the information!

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