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shortone inker says:

I would be down to colab with you bro!!!

Francisco Fernandes says:

u funny af

Rewind Remix NCS says:

awesome job

Gabu says:

Cool video , dont stop !

zarko mikic says:

how are you making money when you are paid to paint all the time?

Kitten Farts says:

Very nice. If I ever needed artwork done id just say “I want something dope” The rest is up too you lol.

Simon Perathoner says:

very nice kiptoe…whats the name of the song 1.09

Yannic Leinemann says:

Come to Europe


How do find legal places to do a mural??

Shedz Channel says:

”dope” to me is one of those silly, crazy words that americans use to describe something cool
…….but in this case it fits perfectly!
thats a ‘dope’ mural man! (the first and probably the last time i use that word) haha

Mel Chavis says:

Definitely my favorite artist!!

shortone inker says:

Check me out on ig @short_oner24

Никто Никакой says:


pinguino ricon says:

ahora lo mismo ..pero en español

Joseph Olson says:


Christopher Rodriguez says:

you killin it as always, love your work.

Jesus HR says:

Que genial eres KIPTOE, saludos desde Perú

EL TRAB says:

you are the best

BiltsOne says:

Love your work bro. Did you use Acrylics for this job? Love your vids too.

Vectorilicious says:

Damn, you have so much energy 😀 thanks for great content Kiptoe!

Talking Duck says:

YOOOO! I loved the video man! make some more vlogs like this pls!


nice video!

soloevl says:

you make me proud, brother Kiptoe! thank you for another great vid 🙂

l trippylikeahippie l says:

so glad i found your channel!
awesome video

Trí Minh Võ says:


Wandering Wade says:

I love your videos. A blank wall, a man and a paint roller on a stick.

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