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In this video I share about where my money comes from and how I make all of my income online. I share about what is exciting me in terms of business projects and where I enjoy putting my energy. If you are interested in hearing more about this topic, give this video a thumbs up and I’ll do more vids on it!

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michelle port says:

Thank you for this video <3

Lioba M says:

Super inspiring Brittany, I really love the way you live your life to the fullest and share so authentically about it. I was just wondering how you go about taxes and pension?

I need help says:

one more wonderful video! But i have to say that it has been just about a year or so since the moment i start promoting stuffs on the internet. I think i try out every little thing but still not any sucess. somebody please give me several assistance . Should i stop and get back to 9 to 5 career or continue ?

Steve Gerardy says:

Add a child into your life!

I need help says:

one more perfect video! But i have to say that it has been nearly a 12 months since the moment i start promoting goods on the world wide web. I believe that i try out all the things but still not any sucess. any person please give me several assistance . Should i leave and get returning to 9 to 5 job or go on ?

Shad0wDarkNess says:

How much do adverts make on your own videos?

Geoff Jacobs says:


GreenJourney says:

yes yes yesssssssssss!!!!!!!! I’d love to hear more about your transition from a 9 to 5 job to working for yourself! You’ve inspired me so much since I discovered your channel a month ago. I have so many passions, thing I love to do . And most of all I just can’t wait to be able to afford full time traveling around the world, discovering and connecting with different people, cultures, foods and landscapes. I just have no freekin’ clue how to bundle everything up to create my own business. Heeeeeeeeeeelp!!! 🙂 much love from lonely Florida..

frugalnanny says:

are you a cancer?? cause I love tracking a budget also. It is just like a goal thing and few people I know get it.

Plant-based Recovery says:

Great info! Thanks for sharing; I’m seeking more of a minimalist lifestyle (completely off-grid in the future) and appreciate your valuable input. And I love the new haircut! 😉

Julia miss Goolia says:

It sounds totally great what you are saying – but, what if one day you wished you didn’t have a client call, and wanted instead to go for a run or do acro? How would you handle the feeling of not wanting to work but having something set up in advance?

stormthrush37 says:

speaking of connection… I read a book about Authentic Happiness awhile back. I believe it was either the book of the same name or “Flourish,” both by the famous psycholigist Martin Seligman, but in any event as I recall, relationships/real connection seemed to be the single biggest determining factor in high positive effect (I.E. happiness levels in individuals). In short, real connection is so important, and that connection starts with connecting to ourselves.

Jenny Stardust says:

Love your videos! You are beautiful.

Melanie Hayes says:

Hi Brittany, This is a *slightly* off-topic question, but I’m in the market for a new laptop and I’m torn between the Macbook Air (which is my favorite) and the MacBook Pro (which is what my Apple Store friend recommends). I believe you use the former, and am wondering if you recommend it and/or if you would share any drawbacks you’ve experienced? I appreciate any information you’re willing to share. Thank you!

Jacqueline X - says:

Really like your vids. You have a great persona

Veggie Voyager says:

I’d really love to know how you managed to leave your job and support yourself financially. Well your process really.

Kelsey Pezzola says:

Hi Brittany! I would love to hear about how you left your 9-5 and how your whole nomadic journey began. 🙂

NahBish Nah says:

you’re living the life that I want.

Mark Cooke says:

great video…your energy,,,,passion,,,,,happiness,,,enthusiasm and positivism rubs of on me,,,,,i watch your videos and they give me a sense of enthusiasm yo carry on with my projects which will lead to me getting a motor home and to feel free,,,,,your smile is infectious ,,,,,thank you from the UK

Yuko Kim says:

Another awesome and inspiring video! I love it! Thank you for sharing your tips for making money online and living with passion. You are inspiring me endlessly and Im so grateful that Ive found your channel, because it gives me so much positive energy and hope. Love you <3

Selam Rinkevich says:

Totally want to hear more

Joe Rivera says:

Hi, Brittany! Today is Tuesday, July 26, and I just watched your Jul 5, video about making money. I also watched your video on your rv and how you fixed it up. I’m a retired hotel manager, who has also been a Realtor in Florida, and just recently decided to take my first certification course on life coaching. I have rented an rv in the past and just love the idea of living in one, year around. Nevertheless, I am presently in a relationship and she has never experienced an rv trip, so far. At 66, she is still working. I am 69 (but workout and feel much younger, ha, ha). I really admire what you are doing with your precious life. I made some mistakes along the way (like too much drinking, but no more) but I have finally realized how very precious, my life really is. Continued success to you Brittany!

William Westwood says:

You are such a beautiful, expressive person. I really enjoy your channel. Thank you. 🙂

The Wifey Of says:

would love to hear about the transition.

Es Sam says:

I would really like to know more about your transition towards making money online, how you dealth with fear of not having money and …. just how did you do that… Looking forward to see one of your video’s on this topic Thanks!

Rebecca Hartung says:

Do u have Twitter?

Kristy Michas says:

I love this video ! I would love more information about how you actually made the change …step by step.thank you so much for sharing !!!

Philip Titlton says:


dreamerkiddo says:

This is definitely a topic that interests me greatly and I’m glad you’ve shared your experience ♡ I am exploring the possibility of working as I travel in the future but right now my studies still hold me to one place. And family a bit as well.

Linda Houck says:

I’d love to do work that allows me more flexibility like online work. The issues I keep coming up against though are things like paying for the contact list to find employers, doing surveys from companies who promise more but then have you repeat the same ones, looking into Uber which requires a newer vehicle to qualify, and other barriers to making real and honest money. Any suggestions on finding good resources?

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