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Alis Harmon says:

What did people think u slept around for money

colin Case says:

cool im waching

Lawrence Williams says:

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Hannah Brown says:

This look is everything!!!!

Chris Kreighbaum says:

Good Stuff

hanifan hakim says:

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Abrakadeborah M. says:

Smart girl! I already knew that though. xo

PINK Angel says:

I love this video!! I subscribe to u could u please subscribe back to me! I do dollar tree hauls to

Hollywood Barbie says:

And do you have to pay to put your videos up?

going to die alone with no love says:

u r crazy sexy

Rose Louis says:

suck my dick

Not Tryin' To Hear You! says:

Hmmm…I find it very difficult to believe you are a Day Trader, lol. Sorry, I think Mommy &/or Daddy are the ones doing the “investing” or something along those lines. The Day Traders I have known and worked with over the years typically do not have to sell their ass for cash but..whatever. What I find “Gross” is your pig sty of a room..clean your friggin’ house..get a maid or something. How do you live like that? In pure filth? Disgusting. On a positive note, I do think your physical appearance in this video is much better than do look younger, fresher and not like a washed out whore like in the older videos I have seen of yours. I own a real estate co and mortg, brokerage firm. Real estate is where I got my start. I would recommend real estate investing to everyone. It’s one of the fastest and most stable ways to build long term wealth. Best Wishes!

Wajan says:

Now I have to go back to your old videos to see the strong and self confidence Trish,,

nicki nicole says:

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Joe Nilly says:

I’m not hating on her because she has obviously made a name for herself, but as she admits, she comes FROM MONEY. A lot of it is inherited which makes things easier for her.

Kim Howell says:

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Michael L. Grant says:

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Rose Louis says:

I want to lick ur pussy

samrat mhzn says:

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Lilliana Pierce says:

What is this lighting and background??????

Hollywood Barbie says:

But how did you get in contact with all these people? Like sponsors and stuff? For example how would normal gals like us meet people like that or sponsors and stuff?

My Organized Life says:

Where are you located? I’d love to organize your room for future videos.

David Jones says:

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Deborah Cook says:

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Thủ Thuật EXCEL says:

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DramaGeek says:

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toto dolly says:

Trish you look so cute

Bringing Moms Home says:

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Neal Damiano says:

She makes money by banking off the stupidity of people, America will follow anything. Sponsors will pay anything that generates money. But she self funds her endeavors lol.

Lexi Froio says:

What happened to THIS Trisha……….

Damarco Chambers says:

u look high af lol

Isabelya Smith says:

ur great

Bloggin Brandi says:

My background is in investments I can relate. I also have eBay and Amazon experience. Thanks for all the tips can’t wait to incorporate some of these.

shelley shelton says:

Thanks for the advice Trish. Just curious if you ever had a desire of selling it all & living “simply ” practically of the grid.

Michelle B says:

I like the crimped hair!

Pablo Quintero says:

Trish is actually very entrepreneurial… smart girl.

Nezzy Knowzzz says:

i lowkey love her lol

Maria Mckenna says:

you are so pretty. i think u r just really fun energic compassionate person who gives alot of herself my first experience of u was 3 wks ago. it was an eatting one n u got on my nerves but i saw a good soul. i continue to watch u and got to see the real you and got to see what ur about n ur adorable. Good Luck + God Bless + Ty for just being whi u r n sharing ur life

Jackie 'Fuller says:


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