How John Crestani Made $2.9 Million Last Year From Affiliate Marketing

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In this interview, Stefan talks to John Crestani, a super successful affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, and John is proof of that. He made over $2.9 million last year with affiliate marketing alone.

He has a lot of experience, knowledge and expertise to share inside this interview that can help you build your own affiliate marketing business!

John’s affiliate marketing success story will inspire and help other affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs make more money online, and achieve the financial freedom they desire.

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How John Crestani Made $2.9 Million Last Year From Affiliate Marketing





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Jim Banes says:

Great info! Getting pumped!

sea saran says:

awesome vid guys very inspiring

James Wright says:

How can I get traffic to my (relatively) new site?

I’m currently only getting about 50 visitors a day, mostly from social…and quite a high bounce rate…

I’m in Thailand!

Super Affiliate Academie says:

Awesome video! Very useful information.

VeritatisCupitor says:

This was a very insightful conversation. Thank you for this.

Ram Simon says:

this is a fantastic speech and great value, although I wanna mention there is no way run any ads on adWords that has any affiliate link in there, you’ll get your account suspended right away. adWords is only good if you are selling your own product, but if you referee it so some other resource(through the affiliate link) they just simply won’t let you run your ads

Frederick Beachum says:

keep up the good work

Books 4 A Better Life says:

Did you use google hangouts for this interview or youtube live?

shahin mia says:

great video thanks

Shaun's Life Project says:

This is awesome love your channel going subscribe!

Mediaföretaget Sverige AB says:

Impressing!! Thanx for sharing!

Millenial Investor Community says:

Very cool, I currently daytrade but it’s so stressful sometimes. Affiliate marketing seems like a great niche to get into.

Braderz Aidil says:

Thumbs up

George Vernon says:

this guy is awesome

Simon Suh says:

this was good

Devon Norton says:

1.5 children lol

Matt Couden says:

Great material here. Really enjoyed learning from John and his experience on the topic. Also, I totally agree, Casey Neistat is definitely one of the most creative people I’ve seen on YouTube!

Albert Aldridge Fitness says:

watched from start to finish, awesome interview!

NouVeaU Enterprises says:

one day i will figure out this online opportunities to make money online

Rafa Lo says:

Thank you, Stefan, for having John in your show, thank you, John, for the valuable information that you share with us!

Jimz8179 says:

Best interview on Affiliate Marketing by far. Hit home at least 3 times.

Frederick Croniser says:

What do you think about the health and wellness industry for creating a good income stream.

Troy Jackson says:

This was an awesome video. Everyone needs to say yes to FREEDOM!

Arjun Dhananjayan says:

Great Video.!!!!

Dan Montgomery says:

You guys look so free.

Ryan Bregaudit says:

such a cool dude, excellent interview. it’s neat to see and hear that he has a similar psychology about business, FOCUS and don’t dabble.

savory icon says:

liked, thank you , this is one of the very good value addition videos I’ve seen off late.

Ngalinda N says:

brilliant Welldone guys

kai kafka says:


Tokumei Rei says:

I seriously thought I would never get this.. Thank you!

Mike Helps says:

Hello I’m new to affiliate marketing and people say it’s easy when they been in it for years but it’s really hard. I tried many ways to make money online or to get some kind of passive income and it’s not working.

Keith Everett says:

Awesome video, love it .

Dwight Moxley says:

I want to make an extra $3000 a month to change my life…. My goal is $40,000 a month

K R says:

Thanx Stefan, it was very helpfull.

Yuen Hoe Ng says:

Which affiliate marketing program u do?

Dank says:

One of the best videos!

Brandon Carnie says:

solid interview!

Wealth Magnet Guru says:

You described me to a tee – jumping around constantly. I am going to FOCUS!!! Thanks

Paul Bradshaw says:

That was great . I’m in.

MrJimanor says:

Living in Thailand trying to make it in the internet marketing world. Thank you guys for the great info!

Moses Yoon says:

Need someone to rent a house in Thailand that we can all go to for a few months of the year 🙂 Would totally be down to do that

Jeffrey Pineda says:

What a great interview! Lot’s of practical advice. I love John’s energy and enthusiasm

Sanna Hellström says:

Stefan, this was the best interview ever on the subject of working online!! So down to earth and so much value that we got from John! It´s by listening to people like you both, I can truly believe that I too could make this business work. No hype but just an ordinary conversation between two “ordinary” people that I can relate to. Awesome!!! Thank you so much!!! 🙂

Kobi Jones says:

Check out that rubber band ball : ) Sick

Discover Yourself says:

This just changed my life.

Tai Salami says:

Thank you sooooo much John & Stefan. ! I am holding on to a major point here “Don’t let others define how your day is done”. More blessings to you.

Affiliate Marketing to passive income says:

amazing information I actually found a method that works great, love affiliate marketing.

erikschillin says:

I’m still unsure about the whole “good content” stuff – I checked out Clickbank and most of it just seems like garbage. Where does he go to find good content to promote. And that “niche thingy” – do you/did John do that on Clickbank?

Jim says:

Yeah good video, some useful tricks.

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