How Musicians Make Money on Youtube

I hope this explains how this how musicians make money on youtube. I know everyone is different, but these are the ways I’ve been able to keep my channel going for the past 5 years. Love yall!

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warofhearts says:

So helpful thank you so much

michelle kearsey says:

what about vevo???? how do musicians on there make money????

lovelilly16 says:

Hey Landon. I’m actually doing research with my university (University of California, Davis) on this topic right now and this video was extremely relevant to our work. I would love to chat with you further about this to learn a little more – do you have an email I could use to contact you?

Thanks so much!

Brad Larson says:

So,I’m looking to supplement my income doing music on YouTube. I have an original I’m working on which is acoustic guitar based. I have a Website through Fandalism.
I tried to navigate through this home studio called Acid Music Studio 10 which I bought at Best Buy. No luck.
What do you suggest? I am a complete rookie.

KZ says:

Very great video Landon!

Sam Valladares says:

BEST.INTRO.EVER. I think I’m going to love this channel!

lankyfingers says:

So you put a link to the song on iTunes or Spotify……..what stops people from just downloading it directly off YouTube? So many YouTube to MP3 type sites or programs to do it for you, surely that has to impact fairly hard on people like you.

Just Art Stuffs says:

oh thats so interesting! never crossed my mind that each type of video would make money/be affected in different ways

AydazeART says:

I’d love to find a musician to collab with for animations and such 🙂

StoryPedia 2.0 says:

how much percentage of share revenue you get by doing YouTube cover?

Sashley Stevens says:

Hi Landon,
I discovered your music recently through Alex Goot’s channel. Have you thought of creating a GoFundMe or a Kickstarter? They are similar to Patreon but with their own angle. Also creating a website and displaying Ads will help increase revenue.

Martha Ives says:

I find these videos so interesting. Nice!

Duncan McGregor says:

Im I musician who is trying to break into the industry. still at college doing gigs and such. Hopefully it will be full time one day. Its gonna be tough but these tips help man from one musician to another. I thank you !!

Mikey Tsiang says:

I still think Whataburger is losing HUGE money for not endorsing you. Maybe if they made a lipgloss?? Haha. Awesome video, Landon!! Super informative!

bulldog521521 says:

That’s interesting. I didn’t know the owner of the song could take the money from cover videos. That kinda sucks, but I guess it’s only fair. How much on average does it cost to make an original song? Lindsey Stirling mentioned that it cost her around $2,000 per song to record and have it produced. Is that accurate?

Our Pet Adventures says:

keep it up!! love your songs 😀

Sarah Rosenfelder says:

I want to be able to do this! You’re so inspiring!!

setiayah says:

I didnt realise making music was that tough and had caused you worry on whether the video that you’re going to upload gonna make you lose money or not in the past, because for me, I simply go on YouTube and listen/watch you and there’s like no monetary support from me, in that sense, so ya. Glad to hear that you’re coping much better now. Don’t worry, you’ll be my first patreon that I’ll support once I can afford it! Keep doing music L.A! ❤️

Shienal Prasad says:

So grateful to have met you a couple years ago. Hope to meet you again soon 🙂

Tyrone Lamar says:

How did you get even 1 dislike bro? you are awesome I am a rapper I would like to collab with you some how… I make beats anykind of beats I also rap.. I know how it feels to make a living off of my music…

Crystal Williams says:

Landon ive been listening your music for a long long time since the Super bowl Doritos contest wayyyyyyyyyyy back on myspace and what not. It’s amazing how far you have come. Youtube is an amazing tool and I’m beyond thrilled that even more people get to find out about you and your incredible talent. Looking forward to many more years!!

Tara Wood says:

You should uh… actually go on tour! Just not in March! =P

ArakalProductionsTV says:

Hello can you tell how to make money from my music videos production.. How Music Video Producers makes money i mean Beginners ??

GoldenGeisha79 says:

Landon, are you waxing/plucking your eyebrows? Looks like some manscaping going on there.

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