How To Build a HUGE FB Group To Make Money Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate Marketing Case Study #2)

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Matías Orihuela says:

Can you review my fb page?

Demetrius Wilson says:

How do you find out what niche you want to get into, something your passionate aboit?

Devin blair says:

What are some good affiliate networks to join?

Samuel Hanono says:

Can I do affiliate marketing in already existing groups that aren’t mine?

AllTime10 says:

Im doing it through instagram. I made an instagram bot using my programming expericne that does all the work for me other than posting. If your interested in growing your IG account in a niche let me know

Ryan Hildreth says:

Affiliate Marketing Money, Lamborghini money, or same thing?!?

Blake Durham says:

Oh no another tanner fox

InternetBizUni says:

Good video man. Thank you

Entrepreneur Talk says:

If you don’t know if you should get into affiliate marketing… then while you think me and others are making money with it! *It’s all about taking action and grinding!*
#Passive income life!

Supergecko8 says:

Can you do a break down on the groups you made and how much money do they make to you?

andrey bogushchenko says:

Can you start following people and then add them to your group and then unfollow them will they still be in the group?

Deniz says:

Idk why but when ever I check out people who have liked specific pages or are into specific niche groups they all are from india and countries like that…the problem is that most of the times they dont speak english fluidly.. Is that normal or do you know how I can reach people from the usa / UK?

shane finch says:

in your affiliate course do you show paid traffic?

Grégoire Motot says:

Thanks Tanner ! Do you add people on your personnal account or in an other account you created for it ?

Kevin Rustles says:

What do you say to people that say why did you add me? lol

Kevin Rustles says:

lol i just got banned without warning for adding too many people

Jocker Shocker says:

Hey Tanner, can money go to your PayPal or is it just bank account?

Josh McDaniels says:

Can I join a group and post there?

Jake Pak says:

Love your vids, man! Keep up the great content!

Leo Guerrero says:


Jose Mendoza says:

Hey Tanner thanks for all the info but can u do it with a instagram account? Please answer!!

Toereed Shittu says:

Why Cant I just join a group and post my affiliate link in it.

Austin Ocampo says:

where is the total monthly income video? we getting that this month?

David Stubbers says:

Got my “fake name” account banned, appealed through FB and uploaded a pic of my ID and asked them to change my name, have you ever had this happen?

Kamil Kaleta says:

affiliate marketing is like an equation. if you find the right ad that converts you multiply your money. for example if a 10$ ad gets you 2 25$ commision scale it to 20 and that results in 4 25$ comissions.. too further give you guys an example $10->$50 $20->$100 $100->$500. Now results vary, this is if you know what your doing.

Jalesia Johnson says:

Why do you make those faces in your thumbnail? Lol

Trent K says:

Are you going to be doing more Podcast with Ryan?

Nah Yeah says:

Can I start off with just 500 dollars on units. Just to test the waters

ARandomYoutuber says:

In the affiliate marketing course does it show you how to build an email list?

Jake.Marttila says:

What would be the next step after doing affiliate marketing and you do well in it?

konkrykoz20 says:

You need to update your whiteboard!

Jamin Ziatas says:

Hey Tanner,
In your honest opinion would it be worth purchasing any of your course if you live in Australia? and if not could you recomend a way for me to do it internationally or maybe refer me to a different course?

Yovi Records says:

Hey man, do you ever have worries about the IRS looking into you and you having to pay a much higher tax bill than you originally planned?

RedFire Pratham says:

Do a case study on your maxbounty earnings

Gavin Smith says:

your course is the bomb dude. thanks for the videos and inspiration for others!

Tonko Puljiz says:

Fantastic video, cant wait for part 3

CF LIVIN says:

Sorry if u answered this a million times but how much have you’ve made with affiliate marketing???…if u dont mind me asking

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