How to Dropship from Aliexpress with No Start Up Money or Capital

Learn how to dropship from Aliexpress so that you can dropship WITHOUT any startup money or capital!

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In my last video I taught you how to open your own ecommerce store using WordPress and Woocommerce:

In this video I’m going to teach you how to dropship from Aliexpress to source items for your new store.

QUESTION: What is Aliexpress?

ANSWER: Aliexpress is a website that lists Chinese suppliers who are willing to dropship their products internationally for very low prices. It’s a great place to source items for your store.

QUESTION: Why do I not need any startup money or capital?

ANSWER: If you follow the instructions I outlined in my video ( and create your store using WordPress and Woocommerce, you’ll be accepting payments using PayPal, which means you get the money the customer pays straight away, unlike Amazon who hold your payment for 2 weeks. All you need is $24 for a 1-year domain & hosting registration!

QUESTION: How do I dropship from Aliexpress?

In this video, I show you an example of someone who is doing this, Yaro. He has offered up his store, World of Harry, as a public case study of how to build an Aliexpress dropshipping store. All you need to do is follow the simple strategy that he (and tonnes of others) use:

1. Create a store around a niche (his niche is Harry Potter).
2. Find products on Aliexpress related to your niche.
3. List them in your store for a higher price than what you’re buying them for. Make a note that shipping will take 3-4 business weeks.
4. When someone purchases the item from you, go to Aliexpress and purchase the item. Have it sent directly to your customer.
5. Profit!

If you’re wondering how to dropship from Aliexpress that’s it – it is that simple.

QUESTION: Wait, these are long shipping times – will the customer be willing to wait that long?

ANSWER: Yes! Because you aren’t selling your item on a competitive, public marketplace like Amazon, customers can’t compare your prices/shipping times to the competition. When they enter your store, YOU set the expectations. That is why you can’t dropship using Chinese suppliers on Amazon, but you can in your own store.

Tip #1 to help you learn how to dropship from Aliexpress: Use the Aliexpress affiliate program

Aliexpress has an affiliate program. This means you can promote products on Aliexpress using a unique URL, and if someone buys an item after clicking on your URL, you will get a small commission cut.

Buy the items your customers purchase through your own affiliate link for additional profits. This can add up to hundreds of dollars!

Yaro has developed a WordPress plugin to make this easy, and it is called AliPartnership. Check it out here:

Tip #2 to help you learn how to dropship from Aliexpress: Ask the supplier to NOT include a packing slip, invoice, pricing or samples.

Because the sellers on Aliexpress are SUPPLIERS and not retail stores, they know that their items are being dropshipped. That is why most suppliers will by default not include and pricing/slips/samples with their packages, so that the packages are blind and the customer does not know where they originally came from. That is why this is called “blind dropshipping.”

However, it is always safest to ask each supplier with each order to not include these details with the order anyway. This way the customer won’t know where it came from.

Tip #3 to help you learn how to dropship from Aliexpress: Avoid selling items that infringe on copyrights.

In this video, I used World of Harry as an example, as Yaro has generously offered it up as an open case study. However, I would NOT suggest that you go and copy his store. Why? Because it is infringing on copyrights.

In this tutorial, I don’t just want to teach you how to dropship from Aliexpress for short-term profits: I want you to make long-term profits. Pick a product/niche that doesn’t infringe on any copyrights for evergreen money.

And that is our tutorial on how to dropship products from Aliexpress without any startup money or capital. Watch our video to learn how to set up your store:


Backwards says:

The problem with aliexpress is that shipping can take months and packages can easily get lost.

The game says:

can i use payoneer for dropshipping

Steven Dragoo says:

Hi Sarah – I am surely getting a lot form your videos. What happens if buyer has buyers remorse or wants a buy back? That happens a small per cent of the time but could be material. thx

Amayah Brunson says:

you’re amazing

John Rideout says:

Smart and beautiful…Sarah marry me?? LOL

Chris Rubio says:

OMG !!! I went through so many comments to see if this girl has answered my question already but SO MANY people have asked the same question i want to know ( why would you dropship from china distributors if the shipping takes to long ?) and she has yettttttt to answer the quesiton !

Tunji Bamgbola says:

everybody has heard of eBay and Amazon nobody has heard of the ecomerce webstore you just opened… without serious traffic nobody will buy anything from you. Not a peep about this in the video

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Oscar Alvaro Rojas Saavedra says:

Hi, do you have some sucess stories from dropshippers outside the USA and Europe ?? My first osbtacle are the payment gateways, that means how do I get paid if I live in Southamerica and dropship in USA…..thanks

Anna E says:

Thank you! You are so cute!

Seo Kangwoo says:

What do i tell my customer if they ask why take so long for delivery what should i say?

stevo728822 says:

This of course assumes that anyone can find his Harry store.

tejash patel says:

Can u please answer that it takes 3 weeks for delivery to arrive, so, what should I tell my customers that the product will arrive after 3 to 4 weeks.

michael beluga says:

I don’t really get this.
You advertise your Aliexpress product at say 3 x the ali cost.
Do you think the customer isn’t going to check Google for the real cost and see that on Aliexpress it’s only a third of your price?
How do you get round this problem?

Noelle Candice says:

Such great tips, though on the package there is not stated that it is from you company, how do you change that?

Victoria says:

Great video luv it

gato mirai says:

What country is she from? i love her accent

A Mark says:

Isn’t it illegal to see copyrighted items?

Donna White says:

The problem with dropshipping from Ali is that the shipping takes up to 30 days. When people order from a store, they don’t want to wait that long. They can buy things on Amazon and have it arrive 2 days later.
The ship time is a real killer for this plan and results in a lot of angry/confused customers who wind up with buyer’s remorse, demanding refunds because they think their item won’t arrive. EVEN IF you label it clearly and try to inform them of the long ship time, they still act surprised when it hasn’t arrived 2 weeks later… and those are just the ones who go through with the order. If anyone knows how to get Ali items quicker, I’d love to hear it. I’ve searched tons of these videos that suggest the same business model and they all avoid the 21 to 30-day arrival time problem.

Troy G says:

Do people in the US really buy from AliExpres? I am asking because we (people in the US) are very time sensitive and it seems the shipping times on AliExpress are long. What is your opinion? Thanks and nice video by the way.

0925Carlos says:

thank you for this video.:) you talk so fast with that accent lol:) I have to go through this video several times…..

Adam Omara says:

thank you

Leo Di says:

I understand the whole dropshipping method, but I’m confused because when someone buys something from your website , won’t it take 2-3 weeks for it to get to them because you buy from Ali express? Or just from china atleast? Wouldn’t customers not want to order ? Even if you allow free shipping? Someone please explain to me. Thanks

Ennio Guzman says:

and what do you think… from eBay to Ali Express?

Kitten says:

except… people can just go shop on… and NOT pay the upcharge. haha, I dont know many people who are stupid enough to not just go to aliexpress themselves.

Veena Srinath says:

But why don’t people go directly to Ali Express and buy stuff themselves?

spittys1 says:

What happens when the same customer orders say 5 different items from my
store? He is going to get them coming to him 5 different times in 5
different packages. I would be pissed off if I was the customer…1st
package shows up 3-6 weeks, as they are coming from China. I ask huh
where is my other 4 items I ordered…I contact seller and ask where is
my other 4 items?? Seller says they will be coming to you seperately at
seperate times in seperate packaging…anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks from
now…and cannot tell you when. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THIS SELLER
AGAIN.. Be careful using this method, as it can be a complete disaster
and ruin your reputation

RaisKing says:

Aliexpress takes at least 10 days to 2 weeks to ship the products. How does that work on drop ship?

Pat K says:

Jesus christ, something about this girl is adorable. A combination of her voice, face,and expressions. Man I feel like I creep.

Masaharu Fujiki says:

I think this is Bad example, never purchase brand items from China.
This is so dangerous!

Jerry Stacks says:

Can the Aliplugin  product your selling be used with shopify?

Orange Kurushhh says:

Half the reason Im watching is you are incredibly good looking

Carmel Ellis says:

Wholesale Ted…you’re brilliant. Thanks for your great advice xx

Joe Coates says:

What theme is he using?

jennifer reyes says:

what is the best place to get upc’s?

Vibe Cool Healthy Matt says:

why am i so attracted to the Brit’s and NZ accents? i crazy about it…

Ken Thurston says:

Sound like it creates a lot of work remembering who the supplier was for.each item.
or is there some software that will ease that burden ?

Electronics Repair Geek says:

hence, sense, pence, since,

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