How To EASILY Make MONEY in High School (For Kid Teen Sneakerheads)

How to easily make money in high school or even middle school. These are some of the best and easiest ways to make money as a teenager or kid while you’re in school. This video will show you how to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month in high school.

*Step 4: (Earn Money Online if interested):

Part 2:

This video explains how young high school or middle school students can earn extra cash if they can’t get a part-time job. This is great for young sneakerheads but these methods apply to any younger people. The key is to hustle and get comfortable with people saying no and you will succeed. There are a lot of ways to make money, these are just a few. If I knew some of some of these ideas in high school I would have a lot of earnings by now.

Comment below if I missed anything, or you want to see more videos on how to make money. I will also make a video on how to make money in college/university.

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StinkerSmack says:

Aye.. anyone wanna pay me some money for youtube stuff (thumbnails, intros, outros, etc.) (Video editing also but you will be charged much more)

BigMacNfries34 says:

ebates doesn’t work for copping limited shoes, cuz you have to click the ebates link or some bullshit like that

TimeWarpTv says:

Alright next time I’ll go up to them and say “hey, my name is Thomas.”

Erikk says:

Let’s keep making that money !!!

BigMacNfries34 says:

I would never go door to door asking to shovel drive ways, it’s embarrassing imo, the ONLY people that would pay you it’s because of PITY and because they would be embarrassed to say no.

chemo bird says:

guys here is how u clear a lot more money then this you need
-lidocaine powder
– caffeine powder
mix the powders 50/50 and sell it as cocaine by the point (hit) at parties

Jordan Adekunle says:

LOL everyones sayin sell drugs. Um thanks for the great video I’m thinking of selling sweets and chocolates at my secondary school can you give tips on how to approach people and how to sell when you are against competition. thanks again and stay blessed

D0ugie 29 says:

Nice Vid man

Erikk says:

I buy shoes I can clean and restore and flip and around my size just incase I can’t flip them

slashslayer says:

what do you mean by fiber??

joinprojectfreedom says:

Thanks very much,this an interesting model.

Yo Fuk Yoza says:

i did the paper run

Domi nik says:

the fuck you are the english-speaking ApoRed xDDDD

Alpha Vanessa says:

i which i could but it doesn’t snow where i live

BigMacNfries34 says:

I’m in highschool and I re sell shoes, I know resellers are frowned upon but what’s a guy to do? if I can make good EASY money why not? I can easily make $100-$250 a month, that’s not much but it’s a lot for me right now, it allows me to buy ALOT more than I normally was

Mathieu Duval says:

60$ at the end of the month!!! was in paper route in 1982…..oh and btw accepting hot chocolate from strangers is no bueno!! your gonna find yourself pass out face in the pillow and pants down ;P

tanner sanders says:

subbed , love this channel

William "Mike" Wilson says:

I thought this might be interesting for my high school students-until I heard all the crude language. Profanity is the last refuge of the inarticulate.

jacob weigel says:

guys, mow lawns in the summer my brother and i made over 15k this summer doing it and it averaged out to 37$ a hour

sagerka says:

well that swag shit isn’t available in my country 🙁

Kryptoz Playz says:

Thx so much for once in my life i can afford something expensive

kallmehh says:

best way to make money in high school? go to Sam’s Club get a 24 pack of cheetos for 8 dollars sell each bag for $1 trust me kids in high school are hungry they’ll buy I did it and ran through 3 boxes in one day

Thomas Evans says:

does he realize that he used music that h3h3 and idubbz used in satire videos

CrazyTechnique says:

Nice music, what kind?

BigMacNfries34 says:

you said if we are in highschool we wouldn’t have the money to buy the shoe in the first place to resell. first of all I think we would, all we need is like $200 and you could make a deal with your parents to pay them back the price of the shoe back after you sell it, it’s as simple as that

Kid DMP says:

Bet About to sell some water

Strattus Games says:

Dam, thanks. I didn’t think of some of those ideas, the garage is a good one. Amazing video, it’s really going to help me!

Sam M says:

Only youtuber who actually replies to every comment wow!

Jorte Jordan says:

yo thank you and it’s weird that song came on at 2:16 because I was thinking bout it

Funny Muney says:

plz send me some sneakers bro …Just got my collection rob bro !

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