How to Find Online Work & Make Money While Traveling – 8 Easy Tips

In this video, we share 8 tips to help you find online jobs so that you can earn money while travelling. A lot of us want to travel more but we can’t necessarily afford to take a vacation for more than a couple of weeks at a time. The good news is that there are a lot of jobs that can be done with just a laptop and a wifi connection, and that don’t tie you to a physical office. If you can get one of these online jobs then you can, in theory, do your work from almost anywhere in the world as long as there’s a wifi connection.

There are lots of different kinds of jobs you can do online like graphic design, web design, customer service, social media manager, sales, virtual assistant, transcription, translation, freelance writing, editing, marketing and more. These are just some of the more obvious ones but there are a lot of other online jobs so don’t worry if you don’t fit into one of these categories.

Below are links to the resources we mention in the video:


Forbes list of the top 100 companies that offer remote jobs:


Fancy Hands:

Please do your best to avoid applying for scam jobs that promise to make you tons of money by getting you to do work like clicking ads or filling out surveys. Also, make sure you do your research before you travel (and work) in another country. Most countries require a work visa if you’re going to be applying for jobs within their borders, but with online work it shouldn’t be a problem (unless you’re employed by a company inside the country you’re going to visit). Still, arrive at the border prepared, especially if you plan to visit the United States because they are very strict about this kind of thing.

We hope these tips help you find online work! Stay tuned to see our upcoming videos about finding work offline, and about work exchange opportunities.

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Dante Daunting says:

Great video. The Forbes tip was mind blowing to me lol. Like why haven’t I ever thought of that. I’ll be checking these out.

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And here, in the comments, are links to the BS jobs she just warned you about…

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