How to Make $1000 on YouTube — 3 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

3 Ways to Make Money on YouTube! **** Check out the free YouTube Masterclass at

This video covers 3 ways to Make $1000 on YouTube in detail!

1. YouTube Ads
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Brand Deals and Influencer Marketing

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About this video:
In this video Sean Cannell from THiNK media TV shares how to make money on youtube and specifically how to make $1000 on youtube! Making money on youtube is explained in simple terms so that your can begin earn income with your YouTube channel. Check out these tips on making money on youtube!

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Jay Wade says:

Here’s me sitting with 2500 subs waiting to get sponsored lol…

The Jamoose Table says:

So could yall subscribe to my channel so i can make some money.

Keiara Moore says:

Thank you, your videos are always so helpful!

AyBgaming says:

where can u sign up for these brand deals or do they just come to you?

Annabella hHh says:

Wow I’m a new youtuber and this helped thx !

Get It Done says:

Started 2 months ago, almost 50 subs, about 8000 views. I am a cyclist living in China and sharing his life and experience. Here is the link:
I’ve already posted more than 100 videos, but I am still at the start
Thanks for reading this and feel free to subscribe. Thank you

East Coast Trike Drifters says:

Lots of good info here.. definitely going to try some of the ideas mentioned

Americano Coffee says:

Good information !! I have a question. But first, as I understand it, a person is approximately $2/1000 views. So, if I have for example 10 videos out there, and they all have 800 views, does that mean I will NOT receive any money on those views or is it cumulative and I would receive $16 (10 videos x 800) ?  Thank you

AwesomeGamer10x says:

agree you making money by me clicking and downloading the ebook

Banana Gene says:

Subscribe to my channel and I will do back;)let’s help each other out;)will also watch u guys videos please do so also:)

the boss says:

fuck yu a

Fraser Cox says:

please subcribe need subs

eTechTom says:

Just learning about vidIQ made this video worth my time. I only found out about SocialBlade a couple of months ago. Maybe you could do a video on other data analysis resources out there for youtube and how you can use them to help grow a channel. I thought you usually needed to have a separate website to take part in any affiliate programs?

Nachismo 101 B says:

Ive had issues with what to talk about and ive only done two videos, but i plan on promoting affilliate links and i want to look into the Amazon Affiliate program

John Harry says:

how can you be contacted for business venture? Email or skype?

Genesis Fisher says:

whoever sub’s me and likes this comment
I’ll sub back with 6 accounts 🙂

OneMinuteSoccer says:

I just started a youtube channel, I have one video so far, and I would love feedback on how my intro and outtro are working, not working, for the video! It’s a soccer training channel.

The Epic Teenager says:

You said 2 dollars for 1000 views but my channel got 64,000 views but my earnings are only 9 dollars!!!And i have a gaming channel so i can’t even do affiliate marketing…..Please tell some tips for gamers

Paul_d_collins. says:


Philly Native says:

how do i become one of his pupils 🙁

Baron Slayer says:

1 day i will have 1 mill subs and give them free lol skins

Annabella hHh says:

Everyone anyone ? Check out my YouTube and comment on what I can improve or ideas on videos please ?

Young Entrepreneurs says:

l sub to anyone who subs to me and likes this comment!

Stevan Kowalskov says:

my question is : if a video have one AD it need half million view to get 1000$ but if the video have 4 ADs it need only 125 thousand to get to 1000$ ??

DopeSpill says:

Man these tips are so helpful..

xelectricshock says:

Still debating whether or not I want to make money on here but whenever I decide, this gave me a lot of info^^ tysm ~

jklfds85 says:

or I could just buy a $20 some dollar book on how to make money on Youtube instead of paying hundreds or thousands for a guy trying to give me the same advice.

Vithusha KRB says:

Can’t help you enough Sean! Your videos and tips are so genuine! I’ve found majority of the help I needed starting my channel
Thank you!!!

E3meliZ 678 says:

so how do I get these “Brand Deals”

tostoday says:

Always love the enthusiasm 🙂

Cruzito says:

I just opened my online business and I need exposure.And i need help in advertising my products. I will be paying 20-30 % per sale. If interested let me know. I do custom clothing. from shoes, shirts, hoodies, phone cases girl hand bags, etc etc…

Finnatick says:

No, Wix! I dont want to create a website!

OneMinuteSoccer says:

how do I make a cool thumbnail (i.e.: clickbait) for my videos?

Easy money says:

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Herq says:

I’ll sub with FOUR ACCOUNTS to anyone who subs and likes this comment! BONER Boobs

Oso Peresoso says:

Mi biggest challenge is being inexperienced to this making videos. Also starting full time school again is not going to help. What do you recommend to get started… I just bought a canon s120 from one of your recommendations so I don’t get in over my head. Start off small then if it goes somewhere upgrade.

Maverick Baking says:

I love that you guys share this info, we all have the capacity to earn money for our hard work, and videos like this are great for getting rid of the competition element of it all. Thanks so much!

BlakezHere says:

I want to buy equipment for my gaming channel and my prank channel but I’m having a difficult time getting subs and views I need help bad I have very little to start with

Darcy Mifsud says:

ive done everything you and other people say and i just cant grow i do funny videos skits and vlogs

LaManna Highlights says:

Hello! I make highlight videos on youtube! I take small clips from other videos and make a highlight compilation with music. I give credit in all of my videos, and i am just wondering if that is against the terms of service? Anyone know?

colin schabel says:

do you have to have good teeth and a cool haircut

Surviving Adulthood says:

My biggest issue is viewership, I think it has something to do with the length of my videos which I’m definitely going to change next video. Thank you for this video really helpful.

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