How to Make $20,000/mo Affiliate Marketing With AUTOMATED & DONE FOR YOU websites!

How I Make $3,000 a Day:

Today’s video is a new business strategy that I’ve been exploring in the past month and it’s a very interesting way to make money online from affiliate marketing with automated and done for you websites.

In this video, I’ll explain how these automated affiliate websites work and how you can use them to generate thousands of visitors and traffic daily, monetize that traffic and make money affiliate marketing.

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Emanuele Corradino Angiletti says:

Instead of buying a website on flippa I guess could be better to build a new one (automated news) with wordpress and save some money to start? What do you think?

Cristo Productions says:

Are that news automatic when we buy that websites or we need to write the news for the website we buy?

Mahdi Sadati says:

Excellent, it was so helpful.
کارتون حرف نداره

Martin Makosa says:

great video . does the automated plugin generate traffic and also generate its own content. are there plagiarism issues

Volodo Ashu says:

Sean I just got started I don’t know where to start bro help me

Gift Card offers says:

Hi Sean,
I am your regular youtube viewer! That was a great video. But I a have requested that, Please create a video on best niche research or give me a profitable Amazon niche idea that is a low competitor. The targeted client is the USA.
Thank you.

Andy Whittle says:

Please take alook at my page, i have almost 2 million hits yet i haven made a penny, i was wondering if you would consider some form of joint venture where we could both benefit from the traffic i recieve each month? Thank you

The Coinicle says:

Awesome video

Wogu Emeka says:

Hi Sean, I have 2 important questions for you that have been bothering me after watching your video.
The 2 questions are:
1. Will google penalize my website/blog if it is fully automated? What I mean is will google allow my penalize my website from appearing in its search results because of duplicate content from my fully automated website?
2. Can I successfully apply for the google adsense program if I buy or own a fully automated website?

Saif Jan says:

We also check on alexa


I have subscribed and want to be in touch

u channel says:

i am glad , im your subscriber

RSViral says:

Interesting video dude.

Șerban says:

So you still gotta do work after you bought an automated website? Thats not automated then untill you make it.

Abed-elfattah Yacoub says:

It’s all about traffic at the end, if you have a very good traffic in your website you will have a lot of strategy to monitize it

Chaziel Lim says:

Hi Sean very informative video! I would like to ask if this is applicable for people who are newbies little to no knowledge about coding when you buy a website.

TheGameCinema says:

great video man cheers..

jack reacher says:

interesting, i thought that posting automated content actually hurt the websites SEO ranking because google rewards original content

Aca Janko says:

Is it legal to post content from other websites on your site?

Hamad Mansoor says:

Excellent session. Very useful and remarkably admired !

Ty Heir says:

Hope this works

Michael says:

good video

Andres Pinzon says:

Would I still earn some money if the site’s DA is 18?

Sunny T. says:

Hello. I applied for peerfly. So which programs to use an automate website? Builderall, wordpress, or? Is reddit recommended to promote on, FB page or ad?

u channel says:

great tutorial . great content and very informative . excellent effort from you. i enjoyed it alot .

Best Forex EA Robot 2018 Elite Forex Scalper V10 says:

Another Great Vid, Thanks Sean

Maadii Bhojani says:

Nice work man keep it up! Guy … I will pray for you

David Roscher says:

Of the same thought process for Automated sites; I have been planning while you have implemented! Props to u Sean!

Cynthia Clark says:

Great info.

Baris Yukseloglu says:


Dr. M. Kotb says:

Hi Sean ; does non English speaker overvoice videos convert ? and does text to speech videos convert ? Thanks

John Connor says:

News are duplicated contents, Google gives it penality? Pls advise

g siing says:

Ive subscribed!!!

mary conline says:

dont you have to pay for all upsell courses that reaches $30,000 before you even make a dime- they teach you course by course correct

Marigondon Shirley says:

Interesting video, I will try to learn more

Stephen Heuvel says:

Is there a website where I can find customers that are buying sponsored content to have it placed on my website?

Philip Conklin II says:

Awesome Brother

The Hood Troll says:

Good video

BillBurros says:

After you said “sell backlinks” three times in a row, I was hoping you would say what you mean by selling backlinks

Martin Sokol says:

Hey. Great vid, asked to join the FB mastermind group. Hopefully ill get in. Looking forward to it!

Giovanni Sandoval says:

Sean this website just came up for sale again. DA is still at 18

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