How To Make $3500 A Month Dropshipping Amazon Products via Ebay


Yes, you might be able to make some money by doing the Amazon to Ebay drop shipping but there is a risk to your ebay account and reputation. The risk to your feedback is a concern so think about this before you run with it.

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Shane Gooding says:


Dj Quack says:

We don’t kill trees anymore. We pay 500 bucks to buy a plastic on from China.

Alina Kozirev says:

Great tool for quickly listing on ebay, fully synchronize with suppliers on amazon,walmart etc
only 1$ for first month

above all odds says:

Wind them up! LMAO! You trip me out King! That was funny!

Kim Komando says:

I made about 500 dollars yesterday on the internet by using this online system here:

Delton Crouthers says:

this method is 10 times more likely to make money than any of the garbage you have on your website that cost “whatever” per month. you trick people into paying for crap. its a fantasy land. people stop watching these videos and just get to work

Dave Ocean33 says:

dont use prime for drop shipping your dummies.. only prime shipping is in a amazon. Box dummies..

שלומי סעדון says:

thanks ,you help me a lot

Big$MoneyBoss says:

How do people Dropship with amazon to ebay? Most amazon items are more then Ebay

fairgo forus says:


James Walsin says:

Good info King Human. Ignore the haters.

Ignacio TD says:

hahah so funny, love your video King Human!!

Brittany Snow says:

I like this video, King Human, it saved me from investing money into ds.domination

Jcg GameGuides says:

the thing is when you buy if from amazon you list this item as a gift that means they will sell it in a brown box no logo no price hope that helps!

Kenneth Renzey says:

That is the most epic tea cup I have ever seen.


so he says “I’m the multi gazillianaire”, and then tells us to shut the fuck up how about he shuts the fuck up and stops providing such bullshit information. he pisses me off so much.

tara lynch says:

I agree sir. Thought about doing this but decided against it. I have done ebay with small items I have found at thrift stores ect. PLEASE recommend a legit way to do drop shipping. I have severe RA and need to find a way to make some real cash from home. Thanks King Human.

Benjamin Fairbourne says:

I think your very intelligent

Gittmoney Money says:

best video I’ve ever seen fuck religion it really is mind control

Cody Himes says:

you can choose gift packaging and it doesn’t show it came from amazon

Jakob Marcus says:

Wast of time- i need to make $15.000 dollars a month !

yungweez3 says:

if you keep listening to his guy, you will end up doing nothing for yourself

Austin Camacho says:

King Human, you have a point….

Solomon Odjegba says:


susana flint says:

i love this thank you

Jason Gwaley says:

What is this joker rambling about

Mylech XI says:

Thank God I barely actually apply what this bald GMO ball sucker says!! 😉

Adam richardson says:

I personally make over 5,000 dollars each month online. Here is how I do it and how you can too: *HootCash. com*

Anonymous says:

*Whether it’s $3,000 or $50,000 a month you want…*

justame smith says:

he looks soooo cool in his sunglasses….lol. NOT!

XuBlax says:

someone in e-commerce complaining about consumerism, weird…

Connor T says:

This video is totally irrelevant to the title. You bashed drop shipping then started bitching about having to buy Christmas presents. Then you bashed people’s beliefs. Shut the fuck up.

Ryan Smith says:

Says the guy that has 3 monitors behind him… you definitely need those

Jimi B says:

Was thinking “what an abrasive cunt” – but you won me back with the holiday rant. Big up KingHuman.

Charles Nix says:

At First his “How To Make $3500 A Month Dropshipping Amazon Products via Ebay” turns into TO HOW NOT TO DROP-SHIP from Amazon because of “packaging label” that tells the consumer where it came from “Amazon” and they could have made a better buy at “Amazon” other than Ebay in the first place?????——–But as “always” or “some” of his second ramp will be about something else. This time it is about organized holidays, WHICH I AGREE WITH.Tell the people that you love without the need for a holiday! Or show your religion to your own savior.

Groot says:

I would highly recommend BG who offers dropshipping without any fees, they’re based in China but has warehouses in EU and US for faster shippings. They offer a wide range of items with good prices.
Here is a link down below:

Recta 1111111111111111111 says:

just donate £50 and I will get you all you disire


guy u are sick

Larry Tellinghusen says:

It blows me away that any body would give a negative comment ( like the guy below me who also made a comment to not buy in to it…..what planet did this guy fall from, why would you not buy into it…../.. and since were focusing on positive  things that can help you, please go to this web site and check it out ,Paste & copy this link

Andre Khaziri says:


Tanisha Adjo says:


Skip Py says:

Drop shipping is smart…
Power house like Amazon and eBay together is a good idea as long as you avoid fees.

suzy kiely says:

i found out you can get amazon to change the packaging for a small price without their logo! so yeah can be done ive been researching a wile as i want my own business

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