How To Make $500+ Per DAY Online With Affiliate Marketing And NO MONEY!

In this new video, I want to talk about affiliate marketing. This will help you make money and I had my most profitable year.

Affiliate Training + Mentorship

These affiliate marketing tips and techniques will help you create a passive income from the internet and this is one of the fastest ways to make money online.

You can do this without a website and get started promoting products right away. You can also do amazon affiliate marketing and this is a great way to step away from FBA.

Affiliate Training + Mentorship


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So there are some great affiliate marketing secrets in this video showing you how to get started.


InDroVidual says:

But do you do backlinking, social bookmarks, seo for your blogs…?
…And if you do, would you be specific and tell us HOW you go about doing this. The way your describing it, just write something, slap it on the web and the money will come… Not true.
Doing YouTube videos for traffic isn’t a bad idea, however we’ve all heard it a billion times..

Flower Power says:

I love your content! You are the best. I just have one question though… won’t this be expensive if you are starting off because you need to actually purchase these products in order to review them? Would clickbank offers be the best if you’re on a limited budget?

Subhom Sarkar says:

Thnaks for the amzing video frank, my qustion is what about the offers which are country targetted means only for us, canada or any country specific, how do we deal that when we using free traffic? or simply dont promote 😐

Daz Dillinger says:

Followed your tips on Shopify and started making £200 a day. Now this is going to be my new project.

anna adnana says:

If anyone could respond to this comment I would VERY much appreciate it! I am only a very limited budget and was wondering what would be better off to start with… affiliate marketing or shopify? I really want to do both but I want to start one with then move on to the other. Which is the easier, faster way to make money on a limited budget?

Lamar Brown says:

Hey Frank Man Dude I Love Your Channel Bro ! Its Given me Great Value 🙂 I watched your Facebook Hour and 22 Min Video 3 Times In the past 2 Days. My Name is Lamar I’m from San Diego California I’m a New Affiliate Marketer. I just got Excepted into Max Bounty’s Affiliate Program. Quick Question Should I Create a Separate You-Tube Channel For Each Niche That i promote ? These are my Niches The Law Of Attraction,Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin and the Third Is Music Like Old School 90’S Hip-Hop and R&B Now Would I make a You-Tube Channel For Each Niche ? and a Blogg for each Channel ? are would I Promote everything all on one channel are go the route of creating Three Bloggs for each Niche ? Thanks Bro For The Fire Content ! Your Ascent Sounds Like Australian. I use To Live In Adelaide Australia For a Year. I Love Southern Australia Hope to hear from you soon L.B

Lyrics 4 music says:

can you give me a advice, what do you prefer to do if you only have 142$ exactly

BFishy says:

But surely you have to ask the seller to be able to get a comission right? I don’t see how you can just review an item and then get money when people buy it after watching your video? Someone please explain?

Hawken Samurai says:

I don’t trust people your like everyone who us full of crap……. It’s like trusting a bank with your life… How stupid can people be

Milan Vujcich says:

How about a course on creating courses haha

Maricela Arnold says:

Want a hack to make money online. There’s a shortcut to find all the online working methods. Just go to google and type: “TheMakeMoneyOnlinePro”.

Nguyễn Công says:

Make money with from $ 50 to $ 500 a day.

pompous life says:

good video franklin.i have a question please how can we find videos for every product ?

Best cook books says:

Thanks Franklin !!

Mike Custalow says:

Sorry I’m spamming all your vids with comments. I’m just going through the 100&1000/day videos section, and realized Ive “accidentally” already followed the first steps of your course. My mom was my first sale, a co worker bought the same product even AFTER I raised the price and told them how it all worked. (IKR I told them to let me know and I would give em a coupon but they were like I WANT IT NOW)

Also I got in touch with an IG Influencer and she said that she would put a perm link on her IG, twitter, google+ and FB, IF I just sent the item. The item only costs $18 and she wants no extra money. Is this a normal practice or am I about to get scammed? I would only be out $18, but I just wanted to check, because it kind of sounds too good to be true.


Franklin Hatchett i am your fan and you talk straight to point and no bs

Obalowu Taofiq says:

please can you be of help to me please

Beth Sales says:

wow how awesome is this !! Looking forward to soaking up all your knowledge along with finally earning some money in a fun way 🙂

Miss Kitty says:

Hi Franklin….totally agree, but to do that Cannon camera review, you need the camera!!! I’m starting a blog, but I think I need to re do it. Love your work mate, even if you are a Kiwi…….(I’m Aussie) 🙂

Clinton Barker says:

It seems inconceivable to buy a camera like that to do a video review , not cheap no matter how you slice it, unless there is some way to do that you can suggest? Thanks Franklin !

Erik Hill says:

I like you Frank

Blaze Rod Gaming says:

Hi, how do I get people to my blog if I’m not an influencer or YOUTUBER?

Daz Dillinger says:

Starting this tomorrow thanks

Patrick Taylor says:

Franklin, great video. Can you share a decent WP blog template that I can use to start?

Gabriel Lopez says:

You’ll always be rewarded for the new people you introduce us to! And when you do, you’ll turn those referrals into meaningful contributions to your own financial freedom account.

Lorenzo Garofoli says:

Can you tell me your youtube plugin that we can see on right side of the YT website?

Thomas Ydell says:

Amazon only has a 24 hour tracking cookie

Brian Welsh says:

When is your Affiliate Marketing course out?

Edwin Zelaya says:

Do you get Pay making videos on YouTube ??

BWGuitman1 says:

I guess I need step by step instruction, written down, which means I would probably have to invest in one of your programs if I’m ever to have a chance at financial freedom. Other than that, I haven’t a clue. The information in your videos, while extremely valuable, goes in one ear and out the other. It’s definitely way too fast for me. Not your fault, just saying.

Luca Aliberti says:

Are you looking for online partners? I have a couple of businesses online and I would like to share with you

Danail Ilev says:

What if we don’t have Amazon in our country and cannot do a review for the particular product?

Edwin Zelaya says:

Good content thx
How you find the companies to do affiliate marketing and get pay ??

Hugo Nobre says:

I mean with paid traffic and paid hosting you could make money.

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