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Ilyana Morrow says:

you are so lazy

noah997 says:

Work bitch. Nothing’s free in this world. Nobody is going to just knock on your door give you money. Everything I want I work my fucking ass off to get it.

DWoNnOnLy8790 says:

Please message me if you are interested in working from home for our marketing area! We are now hiring!

Kathy Herndon says:

okay, babysitting is not easy if you think its easy then when you babysit you probably just sit on your phone all day. And trust me i babysit and i actually watch, play, and feed the kids and it is hard work!

Poojan Patel says:

not super effective

Team S. Gaming says:

Sell my homecoming or prom dress, two problems, I’m not a girl and I haven’t been to a homecoming or prom. Sell my jewelry, well, I’M A GUY. Sell old phone cases or my old phone, two other problems, my parents have never gotten me a phone, and then that means I have no phone cases. This video should be title, “HOW TO MAKE EASY MONEY OF YOU ARE A GIRL AND ARE AT LEAST 16 YEARS OLD”

Poojan Patel says:

you seriously need to start doing stocks, its way better than what your doing and plus your not working harf.

StainzPvp says:

Am o the only one who found this funny because she’s drinking Starbucks……. Average white bitch drink XD

Johnny Test says:

This channel is shit.

Livvy Bodenham says:

I need more ideas guys. HELP!

Barney360 Gaming says:

search for this video on YouTube: Carter Dolan Simple Hack

and thank me later

Lavender N says:

I don’t have a phone.. FUND ME lol

Stephen Masakari says:

this book was very useful to me. it will help anyone who wants to earn money online.

Alissa Burgos says:


Booming Foo says:

I want to surprise my parents with a secret holiday to France

Cole Deatherage says:

youre 12

BobLovesCheese says:

Sponsored much

Santosh Kumar says:

can u speak please hindi

Ag gymnast freak says:

idk why but you remind me of kendall from dance moms in the thumbnail

Luis Anthony Melendez says:

Get a Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cayleigh R says:

Ur literally sponsored by app man wtf

Patrick Kimball says:

I’m more than lazy, im super lazy. I’m way too lazy for any of these

Ilyana Morrow says:

sorry ment smart

Sunny kumar says:

How to download appman

Mikey Ibrahim Rogers says:

She Makes more sense than most adults onQuick easy and straight to the point

Mario Saucedo Jr. says:

shes so beautiful

Artisan says:

*Even a dummy will not pass through this system without turning to a pro in no distant time >>> **** . Thank you so much for such excellent teachings on this program. I am very much impressed.*

Bre McGivney says:

App man doesn’t work and isn’t on the App Store? Help! I need money and quick.

Alissa Burgos says:


I love my dolls 1021 says:

does appman cost any money at all? is it free

Lizzy Gonzalez says:

on appman do you have to wait for the credits or they give it right way??

Wilma Meyer says:

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Richard Picken says:

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yashika dhanda says:

I have pop n cookin I got it in my kawaii box

hozzyboy says:

best way to make money “get your parents to buy you a bunch of stuff and then sell it at a discount.” got it.

Ryan Gee says:

the way to make alot of money is making this dumbass video on how to make money .

Brittany Rathjen says:

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martha galaxy says:

i have 4 ways!
1. Sell clothes that dont fit you.
2. Ask your parents like can i have one penny?
3. find a small job like bsbysitting or dogsitting
4. Sell old gadgets to het a new 1
PS: tell your parents to give you your own savers card and save for what you want or need but still have money there

Denim Jeans says:

Guys I swear I just got free.$ from this amazing website: (just go to)=> *_freeppalcash. xyz_*

Sparkle DIY says:

I swear if she uses an app…

Max Slater says:

*_I’m just starting with this and from what I’m seeing the future is very bright >>> _**_**_ . A great system for all online entrepreneurs._*

Riley Harsson says:

I hate opinion outpost. Especially if u are a kid

It's a girls LIFE says:


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