How to Make EASY Money Online for FREE!

6 extraordinary ways to make easy money online for free! There are literally thousands of ways to make money online, but these 6 ways will make you lots of money. I will add more links to the description of this video as I find more ways to make money, even if they aren’t included in the original video.

I would highly recommend selling products or services,attracting advertisers, crowdfunding, selling your pc’s idle cpu time, gambling, and investing all that money into stocks. Even $1 can be invested into a stock, but be sure to pick stocks of good businesses. Don’t buy stocks just because they are cheap, because those stocks not always, but usually involve more risk. Invest for the long term more than the short term. Think of it that way, and you will end up very wealthy.

6 Ways to Earn EASY Money Online for FREE:
1. Sell products/services
-Video Blocks (sell stock footage):
-Fotolia (sell stock images):
-User Testing:

2. Attract advertisers
-Google Adsense:

3. Crowdfunding
Paypal: (donation buttons are found in tools)

4. Sell PC’s Idle CPU Time
-Gomez Peer:
-MQL5 Cloud:

5. Gamble
-Publisher’s Clearing House :
-Qriket (iOS app)
-Big Time (iOS app)

6. Invest in stocks
-Robinhood (iOS/Android App, $0 trades, beautiful and simple interface)

Investing Tips:
1. Don’t trade with emotion, getting excited about highs or nervous about lows, because you’ll lose it all
2. Invest 70% for long term, and 30% for short term
3. Diversify your portfolio so if you lose something here you make a gain there.
4. Never buy penny stocks.
5. The more money you have to invest, the more money you could make.

40 Easy Ways To Make Money Online:…

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