How To Make Easy Money Online With Burst! A 2nd Closer Look.

Pardon the lower audio on Crowetic’s voice, rather than spend a day on audio correction and delay the release of this powerful presentation, I decided to release if for you guys now. Please read the whole description for important details!
Here we are as promised, a second video all about BURST and how to make money from home by using burst and it’s platform. You will meet the development team leader of BURST, Crowetic who took some time out to make this video with me to share with all of you that loved the first BURST video I did and put here on my channel. The url to the first video about BURST that I did is here

Here is Crowetic’s Video Explaining Burst Assets in Great Detail! Watch it too!

Here are the important links we discussed in the video:

Important links list:

The Official Burst Website
The Burst Community Forum
The Busiest Forum Thread all about Burst is here

The Direct link to download the Burst Wallet For Windows…

Link to Burst Wallet For Android…

New Online Burst Wallet for All operating systems!…

Info Sites In Several Languages

Slack: – Join the Discussion!

Windows mining guide (thanks to crowetic)…

Freenode: #burst-coin


Mining Calculator:…

Block Explorers:

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Inevitable Business says:

imagine adding Virtual Reality Tech to this and incorporating it for business for people to talk in person via (VR) when you are at home, you can have business meetings, talk to family across glove face to face…. GAME CHANGER!!!! ADD FROM THIS PLEASE GET THIS INFO TO HIM

WalkerCorps says:

Windows mining guide (thanks to crowetic)

Link down, if u cand upload again, thanks for the all tips that i see from your chanel 😀

ctzuihlin says:

thanks adam im so glad i found your channel. i just signed up for the forums and started mining!

Oddly Satisfying says:

came here after watching Jungkook, Jimin, and JHope’s graduation song

markec610 says:

I am very excited for burst and I am only 17. Your video was very educational and this seems like an easy way to earn some cash on the side. 🙂

bebeoppa babypanda says:

adam bebeoppa here… can you share it to me now … if you want to i dont have a big profit so i will try it in small funds.

vishal turukmane says:

do I need to run my laptop the whole day fr this

mark frosty says:

Hi sir Adam can I have the other cryto exchange sites that you mention earlier from the video. a million thanks to you sir Adam.

Zolidius says:

Very interesting. In respect to the assets, where are funds coming from to payout the holders? Maybe I missed something

Sunny Sun says:

Adam Guerbuez:I am your Chinese fans Sunny. Thank you for your teacher, you do too much for us, sincere thanks!

David Howard says:

i need help my wallet is down help is down

David Howard says:

Your connection is not private message when i try anything help

Vitaliy D says:

what is REALISTIC AVERAGE MINING RESULT??? Say How MANY BURST COINS per 1Tb hard drive space, per day? !??????

Eduardo Fsrosa says:

Hey adam, im one of your many Brazilian fans!!! I need some help, can i have your contact or something for a more exclusive conversation? THANK YOU for helping with your videos!!!! PS:my skype is – edufsrosa

Inevitable Business says:

yo, man i have so much info that can benefit your mind, just please give me a chance to discuss info

PredatorWiv Hackz says:

dont know if i said this but it keeps saying i need to change my reward thing when i have?

Theresa Lords says:

This is absolutely insane, Adam, thank you for sharing this!

Ryan Brookfield says:

Don’t really understand why people even need another version of Dropbox/Google Drive. Also, people are ‘plotting’ their hard drives and you guys have cloud space to give away, any relation to each other?

clean 40,090 says:

+Adam Guerbuez the street needs more good, kind and wonderful people like you… Thanks, and I say thanks for your wonderful efforts…

shamroz pathan says:

Hey Adam…. I really appreciate your videos…. I really want get into things what you do… But i totally new to this bitcoin and other stuff frm last two days i m try to buy a bitcoin but i end with confusion on websites… It wld be great if you could provide your skype or whtsapp details so i can contact you.
Thanks for you stuffs i love watching them
You are really awesome bro!!!

Suresh Agarwal says:

how to mine the coins

Peterson Ferland says:

noob alert. burst mining is done on windows and mac. is it possible for chromebook as long as you have an ext drive?

Main says:

why would i want the burst software to have assess to all my photos, all my contacts, and worse, all my files? Like, why? Why should i trust this small company more than google or dropbox? why do they even go in to that market place, when they are a mining client? makes no sense to me?

edit: even the creator behind it, won’t have his pictures on it? 😀 he has some stock pictures.. you know what they about a chef who doesn’t eat his own food?

edit2: this just get’s more shady.. Why in the world is this also en email client? 😀
A mining client that can read my emails, photos, music, and files.. No alarmbells, nonono…

Joel Reis says:

Thanks Adam,… very apreciate the video, i am from portugal, and i want to star mining this coin can you help me?? this coin in 2, 3 years gone value mutch money

Super Burst says:

Great Video Adam and Crow, true decentralisation on a truly global scale is happening right here

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