How to make Expensive Art [TUTORIAL] [EASY]

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GeometryDash Miggz413 says:

I absolutely love how you’re actually selling this on your shop for a million dollars. It’s stuff like that that makes you my favorite artist. I would definitely buy that piece if I had the money for it, but sadly I’m not one of the 1% of capitalistic overlords in our society today.

King PufflePuff says:

wait. . . that looks like my childhood drawing of my snot! 😀

NewAccountWhoDis NewAccountWhoDis says:

Does anyone think that the dots with the “ear” looks like the Doki Doki Universe cat robot thing? AND ITS HOLDING THE RED BALLOON!

Solsist Roblox says:

I know its a joke and all but damn that actually looks fucking cool

girrafescream says:

nice, time to go make a million bucks at the flea market! thank you PD!!!

Robin Would says:

EXCUSE ME !!!! Do I really hear “We all know that making tons of money is what art is really all about and the only reason why anyone does it” at the beginning of the video ??????? I do hope you’re kidding. OUTRAGED

Actual Dragon Tears says:

i saw a man holding a trombone over his shoulder….

Sight Films says:

am I the only one seeing a man’s face in that drawing?

deckwiz123 says:

His videos are so calming. Who else thinks his videos are like asmr?

N.M. Dimmick says:

I know this is satire, but that’s actually an interesting looking drawing. Granted, I wouldn’t spend money on it, but it is interesting.

Natália Matteoni says:

I will pay double!

Jess Hess says:

This is so funny because I visited your shop a little while ago and found this piece there for $1,000,000 and just thought “wow, he must really love this piece and be attached to it.” And now I’m just seeing this video… Hahahaha

Pwnzistor says:

I feel like the frame itself is art.

VideosByMe says:


Λston Vries says:

Okay okay.
But this frame looks frickin’ MAGNIFICENT O_O

Bobble Head says:

You’re hilarious lol

Sam ß says:

every one rich 🙂

AmazingPanda says:

Lmao he actually put it up for $1,000,000

Mischief Comics says:

I subscribed because of this!!

Iceypowerbox says:

I like art. Cause it’s fun to do. Not because of money

future sance says:


Digitazz says:

Great price

Miles Aaway says:


Tyler McClelland says:

Looks like a stick person using a cane and carrying a thing of golf clubs with a balloon tied to them

Avery & Uno says:

Am I the only one who took one look at that and thought, “Wow, that’s a boy holding a balloon.”

Kreaturae E. says:

All the people in the comments getting butt hurt because they thought you were serious hahaha thanks for the laughs Peter!

skydragon4ever says:

Wait wait, are you actually saying that it is the viewer who interprets the art and gives it a meaning, and the artists doesn’t give a crap what it means, he just creates it out of passion, out of his “being” and not out of a particular meaning?

Izabelle Trottier says:

How many have sold? Obviously it’s been sold out.

RandomLily says:

I can’t believe he actually put it on his website for 1 million dollars

Apple Son says:

“How to make expensive art”
my answer: “become popular and draw with literal sh*t”

TheDeathknightrpally says:

When I make my 2nd million dollars i’ll definitely be purchasing this (;

ChipDev says:

Its easy for most people to draw abstract
I’m the type of person that would redo their abstract if it wasn’t looking exactly like yours. I can’t believe that my own art would be… good?

Gilles DesRosiers says:


SisterHusky says:

This actually makes sense

Cookie Monster says:

This is complete nonsense!
If you want to make expensive art you got to make GOOD art!!!
If you can sell crap for lots of money your just a common swindler.

Luke J. / Nexus says:

Thanks so much! College tuition payed off and got a new Bentley in 30 min

Sajjad Alam says:


Toxon Gamer says:

No, fuck off.

Daniel Kaiselgruber says:

Why is art expensive nowadays when someone throws up paint at some paper but I get a F for my tree in drawing class?

Kookie Jarr says:

* whispers * _protip_

Sir. Somedonkus says:

Ive already done a few studies on this piece, but nothing I do could ever amount to art of such magnitude.
When I see this picture I think wow that could stand for society and stuff, then I feel good about myself for having figured it out.

Nevermind -__- says:

I drew a stick figure dancing in the sun… Now I am a billionaire.

Levolo says:

Wait, you said “Its a boy holding a Balloon” right? From my perspective, i see a unfinished model of a robot that is live holding a balloon with a hole in it and its still floating with a bubble at the left… To be honest its a good drawing but how did you manage to say “Its a boy holding a balloon” while others don’t see what your seeing. Are you on crack on making this video?

harits andhika says:

actually you could just draw a single line in huge canvas and calling it “a representation on our lonlines in universe” and charged it over 20 mill dollar

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