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DunDat says:

Would anyone actually like to check out some stuff I’ve been working on?
Twitter link:

LDsupaHero says:


Lars Albrecht says:

who would ever dislike

whubaddum says:

I was going to ask where to get one of those beanies, but they’re a bit out of my price range evidently.

StopTheMadnessRightNow lol says:

The shot look at the beanie on the computer is FUCKING gold.. i swear that was beautiful.. i single tear slowly fell down my left cheek

Jack Pray says:

can I be real? I really like modern art. But I gotta own up, some of the shit is really stupid.

Gothmog says:

I actually kind of like minimalism, just because it’s so simple. People can complain and so ‘oh it didn’t take any skill’ but I personally find it weirdly calming to look at. Call me a retard in comments section whatever, but I don’t think it’s possible to dismiss all modern art as bad, especially as people probably like a lot more modern art than they realise (impressionism and expressionism are both forms of modern art)

CarLover21 says:

The beanie sold on ebay for $10,000,000 no joke

kidhamm says:

I’m an artist. Instagram: @kidhamm_ Check it out. I make cool shit. Papa Bless

Budder Da Warrior says:

holy shit someone bought the beanie for $10mil

OWL says:

this video and how well made it is, is in it self good fucking art.

The Overlord says:

Bidding on it for 3 mil.

proudnoob124 says:

Memes are already transitioning into “modern art” weirdness. Look at r/deepfriedmemes or r/nukedmemes – most memes there are horribly distorted facebook memes that, somehow, become funny and insightful after being made visibly worse. What the hell is going on?!

groalerable says:

Most people who complain about contemporary art (modern art was a period from the later 1800s to the 1960s) don’t even care about art anyway. It’s not like they love renaissance paintings, they just generalize contemporary art by whatever blank canvas or assemblage piece they’ve seen.

Beverly Hyland says:

The beanie sold…. for over $10 million…

Krauseua says:

alright that phone book shit was actually cool

Staszek Ziom says:

did you just sold your cap for 10 millions and 1 hundred bucks? cool
. I have one

It's my friend Tony says:

Art is so gay and stupid

max playne says:

So beautiful ;(

Melissa Logan says:

How did it sell for $10 million jesus lort

Kesateria Matahari says:

Modern art is just a way for white collar crooks to launder their money.

Danny Walsh says:

How do I download your theme song.

M-SIB says:

Ethan is so hilarious!!!!

Kyle zimmerman says:

So he actually sold it for $10,000,100.00?

Alin Constantin says:

did he rely sell the beanie for US $10,000,100.00 ?

Billy Garvey says:

My favorite is “OOF” at the MoMA

Ragy says:

Abstract art is the shit. all of you are circlejerking idiots. If i could i would suck Duchamp’s cock.

Jomer Tomale says:

That thumbnail is better than the art of the founder of modern art

Willow Tree says:

IT ACTUALLY SOLD FOR US $10,000,100.00!!!! WTF!!!!

NeXuS TCS says:

Someone spent US $10,000,100.00?wtf

Cadence Mastrantoni says:

His beanie sold for 10 mil…

ah hh says:

holy shit it’s the 5th of March

PandaTamer97 says:

sold for 10 MILLION DOLLARS?!!? WTF

Ambassador of Kekistan says:

*MOMA* = Many Overrated Mindnumbing Abominations

mrhypnagogia says:

gallery is not the same as museum. which wont mean shit to 99 percent of you but art rules make more sense than you would think. focusing in the ridiculous is harmful towards a world that could potentailly open your mind in ways you wouldnt think so. for me this pov is very childish and whiny. if you want to talk about modern art research a couple projects that somebody who really loves art reccomends. otherwise this resentful view of artists keeps pushing the general population away from it. art is not only for pretentious dickheads wanting to be idolized. there s incredible stuff out there. my personal reccomendation for noobs like you urs fischer because vissually is pretty shocking and can connect with people are awesome mentality. and after that check and research many possible interpretations of the book of heavens. a chinese piece of art that in my opinion once understood can pretty much make you understand why art is art and not movies music sociology philosophy or any of those just disguised as something more. art is something more and it does exist. and jackson pollock is about the experience. The paintings arr like a recording in paint form of when he went crazy doing it. its like going to a ozzie osbourne concert and critizicing they bring blood to the stage. if you dont like the man dont buy his persona. the paintings are the culmination of a proposal. i guess as im defending art i will have to deal with kids now so i have written this answer beforehand. how about giving something with less than a million subs a chance one day ah? you believe whatever your youtube 26 year old host believes because his opinions are bulletproof. he does not need research. he has that south park cool to him. btw i love the show but this art view on the internet is getting pretty tiresome.

CaptainAntic says:

It was sold for $10,000,100.00

craft3334 says:

Who bought the benie?

flakka weed says:

Who bought it at the end

Jonathan Ruchlis says:

yo that giant piece of doodoo def stirred my soul

bibos says:

XD the hat has been sold for 10.000.000$

Monster_ Mikeee says:

Wait. Did it actually sell for 10 mil

ifm2181 says:

Modern artists deserve death, prove me wrong.

Hannes Penttinen says:

No they didnt sell the benie for $10.000.000 calm down. Fuck sake.

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