How to Make Money As a Kid/ Teen!

Can we get this video to 50,000 LIKES?!!?!

My tips/methods on how to make money easily and quickly as a kid or teen!

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candy gloom says:

hey what about yard sales

Caroline Konya says:

I like your videos

Tasty Tea says:

How I get money:

I don’t.

Mable Ferreira says:

Solving your financial issue is possible via earning on the internet. Follow “zimo unique plan” simply by looking it on Google. Last week, my earnings has achieved the total of $663 simply because I followed zimo unique plan. You`re really fortunate that you have stumbled on this opportunity..

R.I.P. ME says:

video starts at 2:16

James Karales says:

I just can’t believe it. This program has saved me tones of cash and energy to put up a profitable business online [  ]. I am overwhelmed with the whole set up. It’s simply unbelievable. I welcome you all to join._

Danielle Hinton says:

2017 peeps all come here

Joseph Higgins says:

*I just love this four percent program, simply amazing. Never though a thing like this exists anywhere on the internet [ **** ]. Thank you so much!*

Suzy .H says:

I’m that one kid at school who sells everything. (Almost my house..)

Brianna Konstantin says:

Turned post notification

LpsPanda 123 says:

Girl at my school sells 2.50 fake nose rings and she helps u put them on.

Carter Crouch says:

when she was “speaking Spanish” she said that wrong

Vanessa's Super Fun Reviews says:

i sell slime

Alcala09 Gaming says:

I expect 3,000,000 likes on this, I guess people don’t like money.

luzinio Wens says:

hahha nice work

madeline8088 Wang says:

OMG was that Japanese!? YASSSSSSSS (fyi I’m not japanese)

karina says:

Is it just me or does the guy at 2:19 look like Vic Fuentes from Pierce the Veil ?

Lora Dionisio says:

MamaMiaMakeup I have that shirt

Clutch gamer madden says:

Your videos suck but you 3 milli

Sara Jones says:

hi im a new subsicrber

Lul Recc says:



who ever is subbed is a perv

Nadia Hoffmann says:

Video starts at 1:55 your welcome

GlitteryGeniuses ! says:

love this video

Gustavo Teran says:


Kenny Fausett says:

I don’t have any clothes to sell

Ella & Jacob's Videos says:


Me: *cuts off thumb* and donates it to her

Her: *suddenly receives thumb*

21 crybaby potterheads at the phandom says:

I sell memes at school (personalized)
0.25 euro with watermark on it
0.50 euro without watermark
0.75 euro with their watermark on it

guess you can call me a meme dealer

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