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The way you make money in the music business today is, one, you have to sell music. You have to sell music. Now, so many of us don’t buy music. We borrow music. We get music sent to us or we can download from somebody’s iTunes. So, the way you make money nowadays is various ways.

One is through shows. If your music gets out there in a heavy way through people sharing your tracks, then you can be the sought-after performer that everybody wants. One way of doing this is just finding consistent open mics, or being an opening act for a name artist and then building your buzz that way. And from building your buzz, then people will want to hire you because everybody wants to see your show.

Another way to make money in the music business is writing for somebody else. There are a lot of very known rappers or up-and-coming rappers that they don’t actually write. They have a great personality. They have a great look, but they are not the best at writing. Or, the fact that the music business moves so fast, there’s not enough time to spend time writing and developing songs. So if you sit at home writing and developing songs, you can sell those songs directly to artists, to publishing companies, and they would pay you for that time.

So, another way that you can make money as a rapper in the music business is by partnering with brands. By getting your music out there, being on shows, everybody knows who you are, so you have influence. And from that influence, you can charge people to put their brand in your song. So, for instance, if Jay-Z says something about a drink or a pair of shoes or a car, that car now will sell a lot more.

And so now, rappers are giving those kind of commercial time away to brands. So, that is another way that you can get money in the music business, is by telling brands or giving brands the opportunity to be highlighted in your song or partner with you on your tour or on your CD. There’s a variety of ways to partner with brands, but through those partnerships you can make money.

So, you can make money through partnerships, you can make money through live shows, and you can make money through selling your music to other performers. And that’s how you can make money in today’s music business.

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s h a d o w says:

Looks kinda like Kendrick lol

William Pro says:

yes that is true lol

William Pro says:

same thing

DMhobbies says:

check out the music videos on my channel

FrasierFanatic1 says:

no raping = to rap and rapping = to rap. since rap = rap this oficialy proves that u have no knowledge of grammer.

Flyy Robyn says:

Raping- to rape. Rapping- to rap. Not the same thing. You should probably read more.

That Dude Tyrell says:

Hey Check out my music
Hate and brush me off
I dont care
Just check me out!!!!

FrasierFanatic1 says:

same thing wtf

Rift3 says:

everybody please go and support my page

Winslow1691 says:

haha good call

Victor Zelada says:

great advice man …

Jordon Tucker says:

the video is out of sync

Tristan White says:

What about publishing and copy rights? can’t you still make money from that 2?

Lupe Tovar says:

listen to THE SiNDICATE

FrasierFanatic1 says:

true dat

William Pro says:

when you go in youtube . com /comments#inbox or somthing say subscriptions and it tells you EVREYBODY of your subs of when they upload vids

Visceral117 says:

Lil wayne doesn’t know how to write he buys his songs off from other rappers, not a real rapper if you ask me, Eminem is the best!!!!

Jordan Reyna says:

migos must’ve got fat deal from Versace

FrasierFanatic1 says:

omg how the fuck

MsMedford says:

Frasierfrantic yes raping sucks. No one deserves to be raped.

William Pro says:


FrasierFanatic1 says:

yeah i know, its just i can never get first. fuckin jealous xD

Preem says:

Put your hands down

Huey Freeman says:

@MissMedford not all rappers sell thier soul i wont

FrasierFanatic1 says:

copy cat lol

William Pro says:

Ok this is diffrent, Raping sucks fguyhtfgrf

FrasierFanatic1 says:


Flyy Robyn says:

I’m sure raping is bad, but rapping I can sometimes tolerate.

FrasierFanatic1 says:

exertly its realy awkward to wach people do it. they sound like they just dont fuckin care, dont bother with an actual melody, just fuckin do it. lazy fuck heads

FrasierFanatic1 says:

raping sucks.

William Pro says:

Raping sucks

FrasierFanatic1 says:

cause i said “raping sucks” first, then u made the exact same comment afterwards lol

Lupe Tovar says:

listen to THE SiNDICATE

Winny Pu says:

are you mad? Let me tell best platform its panxcash the best


Why do you guys keep saying rapping sucks no it doesnt its a way to express yourself by putting words together and having a flow with words that rhyme and are somewhat meaningful so all of yall can stfu because you obviously dont know how rapping really is and how it can be inspirational all music is good and rapping definately falls in that category!!

mig189189189 says:

Great Report!

Thanks for posting!

David hanley says:

i like this guy  thigaa smartt lol

Lil sYYrup aka BIGBIG aka pHil jAcksOn says:

Don’t trust everything u see online not all rappers are illuminati sellouts

William Pro says:

lol how am i a copy cat if i was the first on this video

Gorilla Pimpin says:

Chill out on the hands bro. I get what you are trying to do, I took public speaking and debate, but you over killed the gestures

Blaine Price says:

Listen to my music

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