How to make money as a teen

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Κιηg SmorεZz says:

You wanna make money.Ok sell chocalate bars, pretend it’s going to the poor and boom easy fuckin’ money.
if you’re broke little shit set up a gofundme page.

Warning: this is a joke, don’t scam people fucking dumbass.

it'syagirlmadison tv says:

he said “SELL CANDY ” I was dead when he said that

Kendra! says:

this dude in my clas was tryna sell me a can of soda for $3 like…

Crew Wiltfong says:

Boi no way that is…I quote”over a thousand dollars guys trust me.”

Jay Goodman says:

rich neighborhood but u have no 100 dollar bills

Aas Chopra says:

*_I’m just starting with this and from what I’m seeing the future is very bright >>> _**_**_ . A great system for all online entrepreneurs._*

Dylan C says:

why the f**k would any parent pay their kids for a goddanm C?!!! that’s a garbage grade

Melvin Mcswansin says:

yeah I walk my neighbors dogs 3 of them 3 times a day and get 20$ a week

Christian Marcelo says:


Rasmus Persson says:

1000 dollars a week for vaccuming? Is this kid Barron Trump?

StarlightGamer Plays says:

i get 5-20 dollars each week for free XD

Blood_Rxch says:

lol it says 130 on the 20 dollar bill that’s the amount

joe tanzi says:

if ur parents pay you too do chores your a faggot. be ur parents slaves and earn bullshit respect. also u can make money quick selling your body.

CartoonFB says:

I doubt he got that in a week

Life With Taliyah says:

well us black people Dont get paid for cleaning

Erik Larson says:

There is no way that is over 1000 dollars

Renier Ruijs says:

Mom, can I do the dishes for 1,000 dollars?

Alex Sloan says:

cool I’m too young to sell drugs so thanks

EliteTango says:

lol i haven’t even watched but im sure %80 of that is giving blowjobs XD

Manny Sena says:

Your like 12 and just cause you fold your money over dont mean you have more money dumbass

Isabel Acosta says:

heres a great tip for making money:WAIT TILL U GROW UP AND GET A JOB or get a life right now

austin sherrick says:

gets 1000 a week but cant buy a decent camera haha okay little boy put your moms paycheck away dumbass

Victor Mejias says:

Thanks nothing it’s only like 200$ I’m ten just get a job I make like 750$ a week

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