How To Make Money As A Teen 2016!

Hey friends:)
In this video I showed you guys 4 different ways to make money as a teen! My favorite was starting a youtube channel, what about you?
Hope you guys enjoyed this video as much as I liked making it:)
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(FTC: this video isn’t sponsored but I just really love their app)
Also I’m working out some last minute things with my parents so my shop will be up tomorrow! (sorry about that)

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▷Snapchat: dorothy_and
▷ dorothyomg

How old are you?
▷14 years old
What state do you live in?
▷North Carolina
What camera do you film on?
▷Canon 70D
What editing software do you use?
▷Final cut pro x

HEY FRIENDS! idk why but I feel like I haven’t posted in so long even tho this is on my normal schedule?!?! BUT I JUST POSTED MY FIRST VLOG IN FOREVER IF YOU WANNA CHECK IT OUT ( I went to my second wedding ever and it was so freaking fun ahhh! I just got back today and I’ve had to upload 2 videos AND I HAVE SO MUCH HOMEWORK. BUT GUESS WHO’S PUTTING YOUTUBE BEFORE SCHOOL THIS GIRL!! ANYWAYS I SHOULD PROBABLY GO WORK ON THAT NOW BUT I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS WEEKS VIDEO AND MY NEXT VIDEO IS GONNA BE A GOOD ONE;))

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thatsoyoutube says:

What video editor do you use

Sugar Babies says:

With Deepop do u need to  ship it yourself ?

FuckingFake says:

Thanks for nothing…

Bleach says:


Elsa Orllati says:

Please tell me the name of app, with VSCO cam please

Digital India says:

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Minteya Cori says:


Hannah Boatright says:

video starts at 1:48

Nimue Talkington says:

She sounds like a guy

Cynthia C Thomas says:

*Even a dummy will not pass through this system without turning to a pro in no distant time >>> **** . Thank you so much for such excellent teachings on this program. I am very much impressed.*

Delianie Cerda says:


heyitsleona08 says:

I try saving money but when I go to the mall, ITS ALL OVERRRRR$$$

Just My Life says:


AriVlogs says:


Gangadhara Shetty says:

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Maisie A says:

Depop scammed me of £160

Juliette Compean says:


Natalia Lind says:

She’s so pretty!

Bagrat Shonia says:

if it will be a gaming channel on youtube it needs money also becouse you have to buy games

Roneta Amanda Tinterytė says:

I want to start a YouTube channel but I don’t have a camera or a good free editing program so that sucks.

Bella says:

What editor do you use?

Esther Bishop says:

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Rayshel Jeanotte-Doss says:


Ava Miner says:


PhysEntertainment says:

cool video

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