How To Make Money. (As A Teen).

►Thanks For Watching! So as we get older, money becomes more valuable to us. We end up spending a lot of it on going out with friends to buying new pieces of technology. With all of this spending, it’s important to know how to make it in the first place. Therefore, I have decided to educate you on all of my knowledge of money by making a video called ‘How To Make Money’. Hope You Enjoy! 🙂

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Davon Yarbrough says:

my mom is not paying me to do chores and she not getting me a debit card

roliver says:

Yo this video was incredibly gay

topoluc12 says:

You are speaking loud man!!!!!!

Nowshowing ClutchxGaming says:

Who else gave him the finger when he slap the money around?

Saqr Mital says:

n*_What a facilitating system. This four percent program is quite a treasure to be desired by any online marketer who wish to make it big >>> __ . This is what I’ve been looking for all these years. Thank God I came across this._*

SkyhighPlays says:

In UK minimum note value is £5

lilyonline says:

classic youtuber music right there

Alexis Leavitt says:

you’re really funny!!

michael scott says:

I am starting a YouTube channel. Could we maybe make a video together or something to help me get noticed?

Mahinderpal Ramakrishnan says:

*_I’m just starting with this and from what I’m seeing the future is very bright >>> _**_**_ . A great system for all online entrepreneurs._*

badgir ani says:

LOL is he reading a script????

White Galaxy says:

bro thanks now i have money really ty very much.

ellz7651 says:


Davon Yarbrough says:

what if your mom is black?

Dijan Chandran says:

*Even a dummy will not pass through this system without turning to a pro in no distant time >>> **** . Thank you so much for such excellent teachings on this program. I am very much impressed.*

Lethal Guns says:

what about a saving card?

OneStop Solution says:


please try this….
Match betting… this is a way to make real tax free cash each month….. 100% legal.

HoundMasterHS says:

Your so funny dude. I’m currently trying to save up enough money to get a decent laptop for school and gaming. Thanks bro you have really helped me understand that i need to be more responsible with my money. All I tend to do is spend money on things i don’t really need like sweets or drinks just because i can. I like your honesty too by not recommending the scamming surveys online. Much love bro! subbed and liked. @Ben Saunders

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