How to make money as a teenager! $$$ 😀

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Just a few things I have learned recently on how to make money without a job.
I do make a decent amount, and definitely a good amount for the little amount of time I “work.”
Here are some things:
1. Sell your shit on Ebay or Cragslist
2. Go Door to door to find work
3. Look for jobs in newspapers and on cragslist
4. No Friends in Business (I have troubles w/ this one)

I hope these tips help, if you have any question or comment, leave it in the comments section below.

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PucaKECA says:

I hate when I dont have money and I want it, and when I have it I am not happy cuz i want more

Eric Williams says:

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ItzFarmershot says:

15!?! Nigga You At Least 30! (#BadBoysQuote) 

Erns The Burns says:

do you not get paid from youtube

BlurrySinkofGold says:

Thanks for the tips, btw, nice gameplay

Ralph Rowland says:

Don’t think you cant get a job, im 13 and i got a job, i even got offered a second because i was so good at the first. ASK AROUND. You will be surprised who will actually hire you

bluewater12345678 says:

lool ur bad at COD

Dustin Barnard says:

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Grit says:

lol bro you can just buy fake and shit things like iPhone lifeproof case and sell it for like 30$ when its like 4$ to buy lol 

Alex0Man123 says:

He put money on you dick

Jarred Stagen says:

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Zack Walker says:

You sir… do not sound 15 lol

Brodie Henry says:

Wow in Australia you can get a job at 13

THEE Viscous Bear says:

this did not help at all

Speciosa says:

Holy fuck, your 18 now. Damn, i remember back in the good ol day when you were making the originals.

The Ch1ck3n says:

fuck bro in 6th grade I sold origami door to door made almost 200

Grit says:

im 14 and work at my dads mates kebab shop in the back lol i get paid $15 an hour <3

Patryk wasniewski says:

Best putro ever!

Dan Sanders says:

nice music

Davery Bettger says:

dude yoi sound like fucking 20

SamTheJam says:

Gonna try the aeration thing 🙂

iporkchopminecraft10 says:

dude u can go door to door and root/jailbreak ppls phones and tabs!

skater stoner 420 says:

I’m just trying to get money for weed after watching this I made 12:50 in 40mins

xxkunus3xx says:

im in Colorado too right next to denver

lakshan jayasinghe says:

how can i earn money if am 16,they ask me for my identity,on ebay

mccranky2 says:

If only I wasn’t so shy…

Femmy says:

I live in Arizona, no lawns, no hedges, plus during the summer it’s about 103 degrees on a cooler day. Please help me, also I’m 13 so…..

Yahya Kills says:

if any one of you guys do youtube and need gameplays i have good 100+’s always under 20 deaths if you want gameplay send me a mesage on xbox gt abdinoor

Aas Chopra says:

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Dethklok 666 says: 
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Shoriful Islam says:

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Xeno says:

If u can’t sell it on eBay have a yard sale

XPinoyGaming says:

Lol I also wanted a computer

Kyle Bush says:

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Varun Akella says:

check this link. I am making money without selling anything or referring any people. Start making money from day one . The link is

Atlas says:

Bro… you are not fucking 15

Team SoS says:

My father helped me,
he gave me a small loan of a million dollars for me to invest in candy..
i now have a kazillion dollars.
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Daniel Flores says:

What Part of Colorado? I Live in Colorado

Fauzan Ridwan says:

One way is to rip people off, don’t do it too often though cuz you might get bad luck

Kingz Money says:

I live in Canada were weed is illegal so I can just chop it and make more money easier and I don’t need to sell anything on eBay or put any effort in lol

Speciosa says:

Another idea is to buy broken cars, dirt bikes, quads, whatever then fix them up and sell them. Got a couple friends who do this

Brilannnd_ says:

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