How to Make Money as a Teenager

He is 19 years old and makes 1.2 Million per year. He tells his story-IN Depth on how he got his business started, how he grew his business, how much money he made during the journey to where he’s at now grossing 1.2 million per year! All the details that give a Blueprint you can follow. If you have a story and would like to share : email me at

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rubbiebubbie says:

Yeah it helps to lie to the insurance company so that the stuff is in your parents name. ROFL any teen who actually needs to make money, this won’t happen to them.



Infinity Pool says:

I always wanted to start my landscaping business. Too bad I live in San Diego and all those Mexicans work for like $1 day

Ferenc Fajkusz says:

It’s an awesome story of an awesome guy, but I couldn’t listen to the whole vid because of the audio made my head hurt after about 3 mins of watching it :–(((((((((((((((((((((((((
Keep it up!

Bill Barnews says:

We don’t need MEXICANS!


I started at 12 and I’m 13 now on a nursery buseness with 3000 dollars worth of plants hoping to start now

Vaanya Zachariah says:

*_I’m just starting with this and from what I’m seeing the future is very bright >>> _**_**_ . A great system for all online entrepreneurs._*

Olliefishing1 says:

As a person starting in the tree and hardscape industry I believe the foreman should explain the routine for the job to the client so we can keep our clients happy

Tim Lester says:

Great to see there are still real capitalists in the USA.

FIT MCPE says:

i started a Masonry crew at the age of 16 anything is possible …it takes hard work and dedication

Irontale says:

what if you have no space to store a lawn mower that you push?

NexusTK FreeToPlay says:

How many lawns does one have to mow to make 1.2m a year?

Angel Chavez says:

I have a huge question I like landscaping and I only have a push mower and a weed eater what can I do with that equipment and buy myself like what should I do fist with that equipment

Bill Barnews says:


ball boy jones says:

Great videos!!! I started a lawn service at 12 years old. I never owned a lawnmower. I gave the clients a discount for using their lawnmower and gas. I also used to dive golf ponds and sell the balls back to the golfers. I made about $300.00 week back in the 80’s.



robert crume says:

this guy has it all together best wishes to your success.

James Page says:

All you need is a push mower to get started.

112233jjooee says:

I just got 19m in series A funding for my startup that will destroy your business model. Our growth rate is 11% week over week. We’ve served over 4million customers since launching in july.

Jason Jewell says:

See he had smart parents. Made him show up front what he needed ,How he would repay,What his plan was.All that to start a business to be successful. Go to 4 years of High School to learn BULLCRAP “For the most part’.Hats off to the parents stepping in early in the area school would most likely fail.U>S. schooling needs more life skills for real world experience and it is just not there.

Daniel Casillas says:

hey so school really does teach us something’s

Mason Hackler! says:

This is good advice since I’m 13 and thinking about starting to mow for my neighbors so I van start saving up for my rc car rental and track buiseness and my neighbors yards are 10 and 5 acres

jason skinner says:

great info I started my business the same way,spend profit on equipment that will make you money,I have sod cutters and ariators as well they can make you money when you ha e no installs, I didn’t have parents that ran businesses,so I think having an accountant would also be a good thing to tell someone they need to start off with so they don’t get in trouble financially as well! God bless and thank you for helping people start businesses correctly

AJ Games says:

Im 14 and I started to cut people’s grass and so far i made around 130 dollars

Dex Kleeman says:

Yeah and he just happened to have enough money to start mmhmm sure he did

GVO Hosthenprofit says:

Here I’ve been trying for years to sell a jiu jitsu dummy as an affiliate just to be able to pay for special vitamins I have to take after a chemical exposure i got during the gulf war which gave me chronic fatigue among other issues and having nothing but problems making money. Either some fraud site promises views to my website ( I currently don’t even make enough to cover the 100 bucks a year fee) then turns out to be a bot coming to my site or the guys that are legit say it will cost thousands of dollars to get real traffic and most wont touch affiliate sites, I paid a guy about a year and a half ago who did some white hat stuff which helped a bit then google changed their algorithm so I’m told so what he did actually hurt me after that. but good for those who things fall into place but for some of us it seems no matter how hard you try it just don’t happen.

Victor Okeke says:

Here is a male suffering to make money while the girls are sitting at home waiting for who will give them money and buy them iPhones

Brendan Spillane says:

This is literally me. I’m 14 and I have a landscaping business. I started at 10 doing little stuff and this year was my big mowing year. I made 2,000 dollars this year. I plan to make over a thousand with snow removal. He is such a inspiration to me

Elistry says:

Nice video

KantorQ says:


slowrider30 says:

Parents bought the lawnmower, parents bought the truck. Definitely an advantage over most starts of lawn care businesses. But keep up the good work man!

JayJay says:

Man you could tell he was proud af of himself lol you could see it in his face.

gunnar stahl says:

How much do you make a day ( yearly average )

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