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BeautyByBeccaXO says:

I get £5 a week every Friday too X

ashlish01 says:

what do you use to create your thumb nails?? XX

Denise Lira says:

hey check my channel. 🙂

Profulla Walia says:

*_I’m just starting with this and from what I’m seeing the future is very bright >>> _**_**_ . A great system for all online entrepreneurs._*

Katie Tang says:

For those with an Android phone, there’s an app called BitMaker that allows you to earn free BitCoin (digital currency) by watching an ad every 30 minutes. I’ve used it for a few months now and it’s the easiest way to earn money that I’ve found.

Dominic Venditozzi says:

ilysm xx

floraltash says:

I get £15 a month from my parents then work across the road at the pub ocassionally, but for people who don’t have a job get depop or vinted and sell your old clothes or makeup you don’t use I earned about £70 from it ☺️

Megan Leigh says:

How much do you earn

Ella Ruby says:

I am 14 and I want to get a job in the café in my town (I’m from the UK), but I’m like really confused like, I heard something about an emloyement permit or something, and if so, do I hav eto get one of those or does the employer get one ? xx

Floral Brunette says:

You were my inspiration to start my channel

Libby Harding says:

how do you do the sighning thing on youtube x

Maisie May says:

loved this video x

LifeAsCat says:

wld you like to collab? xx

True Review helper says:

I like this video……Guys also check out this site “Mojo Make Money System” (Just Search Google) If you really want to make real money online….There you can find out many easy ways to make money online fast…You can also sign up for more info..

Ana & Meg says:

great advise me and my friend have chose the youtube option (not really were just doing it for fun) but it would mean the world if you all could check out our channel xxxx

Sophiehyde X says:

I do a paper round and I have to wake up at 6:00am

Lyndee Lou says:

How do you sign up for a network?? Xx

Malica Hamilton says:

I dunno If I would recommend stylehaul ive seen so many people say they take a huge percentage out of what you make etc. I’m gonna stay away from YouTube partners I have heard so many horror stories . but i still make money from my videos

francesca perry says:

I have two paperounds, but they’re just local free papers so I do them after school. I get just over £45 depending on leaflets etc xx

boo bubblegum says:

love ur henna!

Caitlin Grace says:

I like your background in this Keira!❤️

EmmeEmily says:

Great video ☺️☺️

Mikey says:

Use my code plz : DF4WEB

Crowned A says:

Hey guys, if you want to make money just download the app Mercari. You can sell old clothes and items for cash and if you invite friends you get $2 in credits and so does the friend. A ton of people get free stuff by inviting people and getting free credits to spend. If you want $2 when you sign up, use the code QZBSVY. I personally like this better than surveys because all you need to use is an email and phone number.

Pastel Esmee says:

Never do online serves because loads of people in my family have done it and they got scammed and never got the money and they just kept getting emails because I asked my mum if I could do it and she told me about it xxx

Beautybyellie xo says:

When did u start earning money for YouTube?? Btw ly xxxx

Lucyxx says:

i love your henna xx

fredom13 fredom13 says:

The easiest way to make money and earn a fortune do it now from this link&&&

Lily xx says:


Mia Buckingham says:

How much do you earn from YouTube?

love x says:

i dont agree with getting pocket money for doing one little thing around the house or even cleaning the whole house its a natural thing to clean why get paid your parents dont get paid for washing up and cleaning so why should kids?

chloeerebecca says:

this was so helpful thankyou X

Aoife says:

Hey, I know I’m just starting out on YouTube but would anyone like to do a sub 4 a sub? Id appreciate it a lot!

Floral Pink says:

How much do you get a video x

floralbeauties says:

what mascara are u wearing xoxo

Sophie Johnston says:

im 13, and I got £60 a month but can’t get a job where I live as all the paper rounds are taken.. which is annoying!! love this video too x

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